Pizza and children: recipes at home with children

Recipes to do with children: pizza (how to keep children busy at home in the afternoons or weekends)

The moments when the whole family cooks together are magical moments that always remain in the heart. To create an interesting and stimulating creative activity, it is possible to involve children in the preparation of pizza , perhaps during a gloomy afternoon when you can't go to the park or on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy dinner all together. in front of the TV. Everyone, as children, emulated pizza chefs and stole some pizza dough from their mother, to have fun and flour us too. So there is nothing better than actively involving a child and having him cook with his parents. Of course, you can choose a simple and nice recipe, so it will be a lot of fun.

With the right tools you can organize a beautiful day all together to prepare an unforgettable pizza.

Making pizza at home with children: between education and play

In order for the child to really feel involved and above all the day together has an educational as well as a playful role , it is important to really prepare a pizza. This offers a nice experience because for the little one it will be possible to participate in something that will then be enjoyed all together. The first step is to choose a simple recipe that is within reach of the child, divide the tasks and prepare all the ingredients on a large table. Everyone will have something to do, the child will surely have to roll out the pizza dough (the little ones particularly love this step), after mom has mixed all the ingredients and before dad can bake it. Having rules helps a lot , even in the very understanding of what you are going to do.

Margherita pizza recipe and activities

The pizza is a food loved by everyone that is also good, it is in fact part of the Mediterranean diet, considered the most complete and healthy in the world. Children are also regular pizza eaters. Clearly this is good for you as long as you don't overdo it. It is important to choose a simple pizza, so choose a margherita rather than a pizza with chips.

The ideal is therefore to propose a very simple recipe to be done all together, like a nice classic pizza with sauce. The first thing is to find the ingredients, you need 200 grams of Manitoba flour, 300 grams of 00 flour, water as required (about 300 ml), 1 large spoonful of oil, a teaspoon of salt, 5 grams of fresh brewer's yeast. For the dressing you need 500 grams of pulp, passata, cherry tomatoes or datterini, 400 grams of fiordilatte, provolone, mozzarella or other favorite cheese, a pinch of salt, fresh basil, oil.

To proceed, the first thing to do is find a large, capacious bowl, add the yeast, water at room temperature and let it melt. Then combine the two flours and start gradually pouring the water to work the dough with your hands, then add the salt and finish all the water. It is important to work the dough well so that the pizza is very soft. Add the oil and continue. Once ready, the dough must rest for ten minutes under a cloth, then it must be transferred to a bowl and kept at rest for at least a couple of hours to increase its volume.

Once ready and risen, the dough can be divided according to the size of the pizza. Involving children it is useful to do it in at least three pieces, so that it will be easier for the little one to roll it out with a rolling pin. It is important to flour the work surface, the rolling pin itself and also your hands (this will be the most fun part). Once the pizza has been rolled out, it can be stuffed at will and then, for example, with passata, mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of oil or with datterini and provolone or with pulp and cheese.

Grease a pan of the appropriate diameter, place the pizza on it and add a pinch of salt. If it is the little one who rolls out the pizza, it is better to do this procedure directly in the tray so as not to have problems during cooking.

At this point it is ready to be cooked. It is essential to choose for correct cooking an oven as spice caliente that allows you to cook pizza in just 5 minutes.

Dinner or snack: the pizza is ready in 5 minutes

To prepare a pizza in a short time as a dinner or as a snack for children, the ideal is to have a Spice Caliente pizza oven. This in fact, being specially designed for quick cooking, allows you to obtain a perfectly tasty and crunchy pizza in just five minutes.

It is possible to insert a pizza up to 32 centimeters and reaches a temperature of 400 degrees . The hob in non-stick refractory stone, so cooking is ideal, no smoke is produced and no odors are released. It can be used not only for pizza but also for making savory pies, cooking meat, toast or even chestnuts.

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