What to eat in the office? Ideas for the lunch break

Routine at work and nutrition

Italians are increasingly choosing to have lunch in the office with dishes prepared in advance, a decision that may depend not only on a need for economic savings, but also on the desire to organize their diet . The guidelines of the modern diet , in fact, recommend that you consume, even outside the home, healthy foods prepared with ingredients of known origin, as well as fully responding to personal tastes and needs.

But what are the basic rules for a lunch break in the office that meets all these requirements? Essential , first of all, that food can be transported in safe containers from the point of view of thermal seal and hermetic closure . When it comes to dishes prepared in advance, in fact, we are talking about a great variety of different foods: from classic salads, to pasta, cold or hot, to meat or fish dishes, to omelettes, to stuffed sandwiches and (why not? ), fruit and dessert.

By choosing to personally prepare lunch to be consumed in the office, you can range within the most diverse menus ; today, then, there is no longer the problem of how and where to heat ready meals, because the portable food warmers allow you to do it in total autonomy: just an electric socket to connect them to and lunch in the office will have same flavor and fragrance as when we prepared it, always at the desired temperature and optimal for each type of dish.

Ideas for a meal to eat at work, good, healthy and complete

For the lunch break in the office it is better to prefer tasty but light food , so that you can get back to work without feeling weighed down.

Not necessarily our meal will have to be limited to a sandwich of which only the filling can be varied, we can perhaps alternate it with a stuffed piadina or with a kebab sandwich; but why not organize a brunch , manageable between late morning and early afternoon, choosing to bring crepes, pancakes or a French toast with us. We can also accompany everything with a long coffee or a cappuccino, or with a juice or a smoothie, using for the transport of a practical thermal bottle that contains our favorite drink, hot or cold.

If, on the other hand, we want to have a full-blown lunch, let's get a lunch box with separate compartments , to be filled with pasta, omelettes, slices of meat or roasted fish steaks, alongside a fresh side dish of cherry tomatoes scented with oregano.

And even if the classic for the office is always the salad, a little imagination will be enough to make it in a thousand variations: for example, "reinforcing" it with proteins like a tender chicken breast grilled or a stir-fried salmon or tuna fillet; we can enrich it with hard-boiled eggs and mixed cheeses or make it truly "green" with cereals, for a tasty and not too demanding single dish. In the double-walled thermal container , any vegetable will keep its characteristics of freshness and crunchiness unaltered and we can also take the condiments with us: we prepare a vinaigrette with salt, oil and vinegar or lemon and pour it into a jar with a lid, to be placed safely in one of the compartments of the tray inside the lunch box . And there will also be room for a few slices or croutons of bread.

Always a lunch adhering to our tastes, organized with maximum practicality and hygiene .

Conclusions: there is a solution to the variety of food without spending a fortune for the lunch break

The advantage of personally preparing your own lunch to be consumed in the office is not only cheap , but also functional , because it allows us to organize the different meals according to our dietary needs of taste and health.

With the thermal containers , moreover, the transport of food is easy and safe, guaranteeing the maintenance of the correct storage temperature of the food for a time between 5 and 10 hours; the construction materials of all components are light and of quality, for a comfortable and correct transport.

The containment trays , made of stainless steel, do not undergo any changes even in contact with very hot or very cold foods ; in addition, they are completely removable and, therefore, easily washable.

Offered in a wide range of sizes and dimensions, the lunch boxes are made of eco-sustainable and biodegradable natural fiber , while the food warmers can be equipped with single compartment 1.5 / 2 trays liters, or with three separate compartments of 0.90 liters, ideal for transporting and heating several dishes together.

The thermal lunch kits , which can also be placed inside a practical thermal bag , are particularly versatile, because they are complete with all the useful accessories , including cutlery: the ideal sets for transporting, heating and eating a meal away from home, in absolute autonomy and comfort.

All with an excellent quality / price ratio , given the high quality of the manufacturing materials, which makes these accessories usable for a long time and always with guaranteed optimal performance.

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