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Spice Electronics was founded in 2014, the company created by former employees of multinational companies, in which they have worked for years and accumulated the necessary experience always at the highest levels of quality.

Young and dynamic company, places its mission in its corporate philosophy, "quality at the right price": in times of crisis it is increasingly necessary to be able to achieve the best quality/price ratio.

So, thanks to the experience gained and the knowledge and contacts in the Far East, we have built a design and production network with direct sales to the consumer. Our partner factories respect the highest levels of quality and certifications, and are carefully checked by our resident staff at all stages of production with constant inspections.

With direct sales without intermediaries we were able to reach the best possible price without neglecting the best quality.

For Spice, attention to the final consumer is always important: we have therefore established the direct home warranty service, an assistance service that replaces the product directly at the customer's home in just 48 hours. Our mission: 100% satisfied customers.

Planning and Design

For our company, 2020 brings about a historic change in the company mission. The designs of our new patents begin including Spice Diavola 16, Diavola pro, Mezzometro, and Diavola 16 EL. We have always developed products following the needs of our customers, and every need identified (through continuous communication with them) is carefully analyzed by our technicians and where possible (compatibly with all safety certification parameters) is satisfied.

Our products are made (we can say) in a tailor-made way based on market requests. Diavola pro was born exactly like this, from the requests and needs collected from the users of the product, it was evident that many of the unauthorized and improvised modifications that were made to our Spice Caliente revealed limitations of the product for a high percentage of customers who needed greater performance , larger useful cooking dimensions, versatility of use in cooking, heating elements always on during cooking, greater distance between the heating elements and the hob etc...

But reaching certain temperatures such as 500 degrees, with a larger oven and in compliance with safety regulations is not easy. We created it and it's called Diavola pro. The use of the highest levels of materials such as AISI 310s steel, combined with the thirty-year experience of our technical staff who created the external cooling patent, has allowed the satisfaction of all the needs of our customers; It is no coincidence that no company had previously managed to achieve these performances in total safety in a clamshell oven.

Italian design and patents, made in our factories in China

Our exclusive patents are entirely designed and made in Italy, while the production is carried out in China always and in any case according to our precise production indications, each product is accompanied by a BOM list (bill of material) or a precise list of indications of the materials to be used, thicknesses, semi-finished products, raw materials and production and assembly indications all based on our drawings and projects, our partner factories are carefully checked and followed in all phases by our staff based in China


Although young by birth, in just a few years our company has managed to obtain important levels of distribution, with very high percentages of recognition for the historical quality/price ratio of our Spice Caliente which is now out of production as well as the Diavola made in Italy

Our brand SPICE, co-leader of the domestic pizza oven market for years, invests continuously and tirelessly in product development. We have studied and created our best products ever, such as Spice Diavola Pro (unique for performance and design in its category), Spice Diavola 16 gas outdoor oven (among the most powerful in terms of consumption/performance ratio on the market). The special combination of design, the perfect harmony between temperatures and management spaces combined with the best price on the market make it one of a kind.

Also close to arrival are the new models "Spice Diavola 16 EL", an indoor electric oven which combines the characteristics of the gas Diavola 16 with the practicality of electrical management, making it usable also for interiors, and "Spice Mezzometro", an electric oven which allows the cooking 2 pizzas at the same time.

Thanks to the recognition and contribution of our numerous customers at a European level, our patents have already achieved excellent success that was unexpected until now and exceeded the most optimistic predictions.

Small Appliances

We specialize in the production of small household appliances, quality, innovative products at competitive prices to meet consumer needs

Safety and Quality

Our products reflect all the most stringent community certifications and are carefully checked and checked both directly at the factories and upon arrival in our warehouses

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