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The Spice Diavola 16 gas pizza oven is one of the best pizza ovens currently on the market. It stands out above all for an elegant and functional design, small and compact, which takes up little space and can also be inserted in home contexts. The perfect ally for pizza with friends or family.

Diavola 16

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Spice Diavola 16 Gas Pizza Oven: When Innovation Meets Tradition

Italian Innovation and Production Quality

The excellence in design and technological innovation of our gas pizza ovens is the result of skilled design work carried out in Italy, culminating in the creation of exclusive patents. The production, based on standards of precision quality, takes place in our factories in China, under the constant supervision of our staff. Each oven is the result of a careful choice of materials and components, as certified by the BOM list, which ensures the use of top-quality raw materials and assembly processes that respect our strict original designs.

The Spice Diavola 16 Gas Oven: A Revolution in Domestic Pizza Cooking

Pizza, a symbol of Italian culture and conviviality, deserves cooking that enhances every nuance of flavor and crispiness. The "Spice Diavola 16" gas pizza oven represents the optimal solution for those who want to replicate the authentic pizzeria experience at home. This oven combines ease of use with performance that challenges traditional wood-fired ovens, offering excellent results in terms of cooking and taste.

Unique Features of the Spice Diavola 16 Gas Oven

Diavola 16 gas pizza oven

Design and Functionality at the Service of the Perfect Home-Made Pizza

Innovative Side Burner: Strategically positioned for complete visibility during cooking, the side burner of the Diavola 16 ensures an even distribution of heat, allowing temperatures of 450°-500° on the stone and guaranteeing optimal pizza cooking in 60/90 seconds.

310S Stainless Steel Cooking Chamber: Made of the best available steel, the cooking chamber of the Diavola 16 is designed to withstand the highest temperatures and oxidation, ensuring long life and consistent performance over time.

Safety and Practicality: Equipped with a safety thermocouple that automatically cuts off the gas flow in case of accidental flame extinguishment and piezo-electric ignition, the Diavola 16 offers unparalleled ease of use.

Removable Refractory Stone: The high-quality, easily replaceable stone is key to a crispy and well-cooked pizza base, replicating the unique characteristics of a wood-fired oven.

Flame Intensity Adjustment: With three intensity settings (low, medium, high) and the ability to adjust intermediate positions, the Diavola 16 allows customized cooking for every type of pizza.

Integrated Thermometer and Painted Stainless Steel Body: Precise temperature control and a durable, stylish design make the Diavola 16 a true gem of technology and style in your kitchen or outdoor space.

Why Choose the Spice Diavola 16 Gas Oven

Choosing the "Spice Diavola 16" means opting for an oven that elevates pizza cooking to an art, without compromising on taste and quality. Its ability to reach high temperatures quickly, combined with a compact design and meticulous attention to safety, makes it the ideal companion for all your family evenings or gatherings with friends. Experience an authentic pizzeria, comfortably at home, with the "Spice Diavola 16".

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