The ideal partners in the kitchen: appliances

If the culinary art has reached very high peaks, the merit is certainly of the creativity , passion and inventiveness of those who have always seen food as a work of art, to be transformed for the pleasure of the palate and also of the heart. But undoubtedly the expression and the imagination were able to be fully realized thanks to the ingenuity of as many creatives who have created machines to facilitate and improve the results of the preparations . It is thanks to the utensils that we all know today that cooking has become easy and enjoyable for practically everyone; in recent years, then, a device has literally changed the lives of many professionals: we are talking about the mixer .

What is a mixer and how does it work?

Until recently, these tools were used only in the food industry and in laboratories, but today there are also household mixers , compact and easy to use, on the market. It is a machine consisting of a motor body, a tool kit for food processing and a large container where you can make doughs, creams, sauces and many types of bases for further recipes. It differs from professional mixers above all for its size, but the performances are very high. The operation is simple : the ingredients are processed in the most correct way by the whisk supplied to the mixer: the power of the motor allows you to save a lot of effort and manual physical strength, and to knead food even for several hours, so as to achieve results perfect.

Main features of the mixer: how to best use them

The mixers are also called " planetary " because the movement made by the machine resembles that of the planets around the sun; it is an ideal mode for foods since, especially with regard to leavened dough, optimal levels of oxygenation and consistency are reached. In the mixer there are at least 3 types of whisk as a basic kit: a wire whisk, a leaf whisk and a hook whisk; each of these is used for certain ingredients, and specifically with the wire whisk creams and mousses, bases for cakes or complex doughs such as choux pastry are made. With the leaf whisk you make more dense and full-bodied doughs, where you would need a good dose of manual strength. With the hook, on the other hand, leavened doughs are obtained for sweet and savory, for bread and pizza, brioche or even colombe and panettone.

Using a mixer is very simple, but there are some precautions to be taken , especially at the beginning when you are a little less experienced. The machine has different speeds, which allow the ingredients to be worked in the best possible way according to the desired result; It is always a good idea to start with a reduced speed, to avoid the food coming out of the container: once all the components have been mixed well, you can move on to the next speeds. In addition, each mixer has predefined programs, which help in calculating the right processing times; It is always good to follow the instructions of each mixer, which may be different from the habits learned with manual techniques. Don't worry: the planetary mixer performs the optimal dough processing, and the results are practically perfect!

Buy the best mixers online: Spice

The Spice mixers are equipped with all the basic accessories and, depending on the model, additional options are available that allow you to greatly expand the preparation area. For example, once the homemade pasta dough is ready, you can add the "tirapasta" accessory, et voilà , lasagna, tagliatelle and spaghetti are ready in a few minutes. With the planetary mixer you can also prepare the fillings for tortellini or ravioli, or meat loafs; thanks to accessories such as the meat grinder, in a few steps you can work all the desired ingredients and save time and space on the work surface. The value of the mixer in fact, in addition to being that of making bases for recipes in a perfect way , is that of replacing the many small appliances usually present in the kitchen very well. The investment is therefore really worth it: electricity consumption, timing, space in the work area and even the kitchen furniture will benefit, thanks to the delightful designs offered by these precious machines!

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