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The best electric pizza oven on the market

For those who want to eat a pizza like the one baked in the pizzeria at home, the new generation electric dome oven, with a refractory stone base, is not only a useful appliance, but an indispensable one!

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Buy a Spice pizza oven with the best accessories to create super pizzas!

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For those who want to eat a pizza like the one baked in the pizzeria at home, the new generation electric dome oven, with a refractory stone base, is not only a useful appliance, but an indispensable one!

Oven and electric oven, between design and functionality

The electric pizza oven is not a simple household appliance. In fact, more and more families are buying this tool, precious help in the kitchen , to obtain a dry and fragrant pizza, like that of the pizzeria. After all, those who know about pizza know perfectly well that to have a perfectly made pizza it is not enough to know how to make a good dough, use special flours or buy suitable trays. What makes the difference is the oven and unfortunately not even the traditional ovens with pizza function are able to give back to the palate that unmistakable flavor of stone baked pizza or brick. This type of household appliance therefore quickly spread to all homes. Its ability to cook traditional round pizzas in a few minutes is one of the reasons, but its success is also due to its modern and contemporary design, which at the same time recalls the typical dome ovens. In reality, its design has not only been studied to adapt to modern kitchens, but also to create the ideal conditions necessary to churn out a perfect pizza.

The main features of the electric pizza oven

The characteristics of a modern pizza oven do not concern only the aesthetic aspect. In fact, even if its dome shape is revolutionary, in reality this choice, regarding the design, was made in relation to its functionality. The globe structure in fact allows, during cooking, to maintain the right balance of humidity, necessary to avoid excessive dryness of the pizza. The multiple resistances in fact reach such a power as to offer a dry and crunchy product in a few minutes, but thanks to the shape of the oven, the consistency of the mass remains elastic and soft inside. To make the difference then there is the refractory stone base that is the same stone used in the professional ovens that churn out the so-called pizzas cooked on brick. This oven for round pizza is therefore a real pizza oven in a home version. There are many models available on the market and many of them are characterized by perfect ergonomics such as the Spice Caliente pizza oven which with its model represents the best in its category. In fact, in addition to the solid structure, the professional resistances and the refractory stone base , the electric pizza oven Spice Caliente is equipped with a knob on the upper part for a manageable and of a perfect shape so that it can be used safely even by the less experienced.

The advantages of having a pizza oven at home

With an electric oven for perfect pizzas like the ones in the restaurant, the results will be truly spectacular. Those who have already tried it know well that only by tasting a pizza cooked with a specific electric oven can you really understand what it is. Fragrant crust, dry base and maximum leavening. These are just some of the characteristics of a pizza cooked with this precious tool, useful, if not essential, for those who love to make pizza at home. The hole is suitable for making round pizzas, but doughs can be used for any type of pizza such as Roman pinsa , Neapolitan pizza and it is also possible to cook pucce , focaccia and Arabic bread. With a refractory stone pizza oven the results will be excellent regardless of the type of dough you want to choose. At this point all that remains is to give space to the imagination and choose whether to serve the traditional pizza margherita or a white pizza with lard and walnuts or tasty focaccias to be stuffed with meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Are you looking for the best electric pizza oven?

The pizza ovens are not simple kitchen ovens, but small and practical appliances designed to cook pizza at high temperatures (like in a refractory stone oven) in just 5 minutes. Do you fancy a homemade pizza like in a pizzeria ? From today it is possible to cook excellent pizzas at home using the practical electric pizza oven spice caliente, a pizza oven capable of obtaining the same cooking results as a wood oven. When you have no desire to go out for a good pizza, you can safely stay at home, prepare a good pizza dough and quickly prepare this tasty dish. The steel structure, with base in real refractory stone

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