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If you are a pizza enthusiast and want to enjoy the authentic flavor of pizza (like in a pizzeria) in the comfort of your own home, you can't do without the Spice Diavola Pro V2, the best electric pizza oven on the market. Pizzas ready in 90 seconds.

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Diavola Pro v 2.0

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Spice Diavola Pro. Buy now the best pizza oven with Casapulla Biscuit for cooking in just 60/90 seconds at 500°.

Make a delicious real Neapolitan pizza directly at your home... like in a Pizzeria with Spice products!

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Electric Pizza Oven: Innovation, Style, and Exceptional Performance

The pizza, an Italian culinary jewel appreciated worldwide, finds its temple in the home of every cooking enthusiast thanks to modern electric pizza ovens. These appliances represent the pinnacle of technology and design, with a special mention for our flagship jewel, the "Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0".

Design and Construction: A Bridge Between Tradition and Innovation

Every detail of the "Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0" reflects our commitment to excellence: from the distinctive design and entirely Italian patents to the strictly controlled production in our factories in China. This approach ensures that each oven not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of quality and performance. The collaboration between Italian designers and specialized production plants allows us to offer an electric pizza oven that is a true symbol of innovation and reliability.

Advanced Features for Perfect Cooking

The "Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0" stands out for its ability to reach a maximum temperature of 500°C in BOOST mode, a milestone that allows replicating the perfect cooking of professional pizzerias at home. Temperature control is entrusted to a precision thermometer, ensuring always optimal cooking. The cooling system with forced ventilation, thanks to two 62 mm fans, prevents overheating of the outer surfaces, maintaining them at a temperature of about 60°C, while inside the magic happens at 500°C.

Innovation in Design: The 3-Dome System

One of the most significant innovations of the "Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0" is its three-dome system, which optimizes thermal insulation and ensures uniform cooking. This structure not only maintains the ideal moisture inside the cooking chamber, ensuring a pizza with the right balance of crispiness and softness, but also protects the user and the surrounding environment from excessive heat.

Top-Choice Materials for Durability and Safety

The choice of materials reflects our attention to quality and safety. 310S stainless steel, used for the cooking chamber and internal components, offers superior resistance to high temperatures and oxidation. The removable refractory stone makes cleaning easy and allows for simple replacement, ensuring a long life for your oven and always impeccable cooking results.

Customizable Cooking

Thanks to the resistance selector, the "Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0" offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to choose between three different operating modes: both resistances active for uniform cooking, only the top resistance for perfect rims, or only the bottom one for an unmatched crispy base. This customization makes the oven suitable for a wide range of recipes and pizza styles, from the classic Margherita to the most innovative gourmet pizza.

The Magic of Home Pizza Cooking: an experience to share

Preparing and cooking pizza at home with an electric pizza oven goes beyond the simple preparation of a meal. It is an experience that involves all the senses and creates lasting memories. That's why this culinary practice is so special

The Enveloping Aroma

As soon as you put the pizza in the oven, the aroma of the dough, toppings, and cheese begins to spread throughout the kitchen. It's a mouthwatering smell that envelops the environment, anticipating the culinary delight to come.

The Magic of the Crust

As the electric pizza oven cooks the pizza, you witness the transformation of its crust. You'll see how the crust begins to puff up and become golden and crispy. This is the moment when you understand that your pizza is becoming a culinary masterpiece.

Your Pizza, Your Creation

One of the joys of home pizza cooking is the ability to fully customize it. You can choose your favorite ingredients, create new combinations, and experiment with recipes. Every pizza you prepare becomes a unique expression of your culinary creativity.

Sharing with Friends and Family

In the end, the pizza is ready to share with friends and family. Gathered around the table, everyone can enjoy the fruit of your culinary labor. These moments of sharing make the kitchen a place of connection and bonding.

Homemade Pizza: An Art to Cultivate

Home pizza cooking becomes an art that you can cultivate over time. By mastering your electric pizza oven and experimenting with new recipes, you become more adept at creating delicious and memorable dishes.

The Perfect Pizza for Every Occasion

The beauty of pizza lies in its versatility. In addition to the classic pizza margherita, your electric pizza oven allows you to explore a world of flavors and combinations. Here's how you can tailor pizza to different occasions:

Pizza Margherita

The Timeless Classic - Pizza margherita is a pillar of Italian cuisine. With tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil, it represents the perfect balance of simplicity and taste. It's ideal for a casual dinner with friends or a soccer night on TV.

White Pizza - The Taste of Cheese and Elegance

White pizza, with cheeses like mozzarella, ricotta, gorgonzola, and parmesan, offers a burst of dairy flavors. Add ingredients like nuts, honey, or prosciutto for a touch of sophistication. It's perfect for a romantic evening or an elegant aperitif.

BBQ Pizza - The Smoky Flavor of the Grill

If you love the smoky taste, BBQ pizza is a great choice. Barbecue sauce, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, and red onion create an irresistible blend of flavors. It's ideal for a garden barbecue or a casual evening with friends.

Vegan Pizza - Healthy and Sustainable Flavor

For lovers of vegan pizzas, there's no limit to creativity. With fresh vegetables, vegan cheeses, and tasty sauces, you can create a delicious and healthy vegan pizza. It's perfect for hosting friends or relatives with dietary restrictions.

Pinsa Romana Pizza - The Thin Elegance of Rome

The pinsa romana is a light and flavorful variant of traditional pizza. Prepared with special doughs, it offers a thin and fragrant base. With ingredients like prosciutto, arugula, and parmesan, you can create a pizza with an unmistakable aroma.

Sweet Pizza - A Delicious End to the Meal

Don't forget about sweet pizzas. With nutella, fresh fruit, cinnamon, and powdered sugar, you can turn your electric pizza oven into a real pastry shop. It's ideal for concluding a dinner with a sweet touch.

Gourmet Pizza - The Art of Experimentation

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. Create unique combinations of ingredients that satisfy your palate. From curry to smoked salmon, from quail eggs to truffle, your electric pizza oven is the laboratory for your boldest culinary creations.

On every occasion, pizza adapts to your tastes and needs. Whether you want to indulge in familiar comfort food or impress guests with a gourmet creation, your electric pizza oven is the perfect tool for creating the perfect pizza for every special moment. Pizza goes beyond food; it's a culinary art that you can customize according to your style and creative spirit.

Creative Recipe Ideas with the Electric Pizza Oven: Beyond Traditional Pizza

Your electric pizza oven is much more than a pizza appliance. It's a platform for culinary innovation and experimentation. Let's explore some creative ideas to make the most of your oven's capabilities and surprise your palate:

Calzone Filled with Flavor: Prepare calzones stuffed with ingredients like cooked ham, mushrooms, ricotta, and mozzarella. Seal the half-moon dough to trap the flavor inside. Serve them with fresh tomato sauce for a delicious variation on traditional pizza.

Rustic Focaccia: Create aromatic focaccias with rosemary, olives, caramelized onions, or cherry tomatoes. The crispy base and flavorful ingredients make focaccia a perfect accompaniment to soups, salads, or an appetizer to share.

Italian Piadine: Piadine are thin stuffed cakes, traditionally prepared in Italy. Use your electric pizza oven to quickly bake these delicious cakes and fill them with prosciutto, cheese, salad, and condiments of your liking.

Homemade Bread: Use your electric pizza oven to bake aromatic and crispy bread. From French baguettes to Italian ciabattas, the pizza oven is perfect for home baking. Experiment with special flours and sourdough for unique bread.

Special Dessert Pizzas: Surprise your guests with sweet pizzas. Sprinkle the base with nutella, sliced bananas, strawberries, or even marshmallows and chocolate. After baking, add a generous dusting of powdered sugar for an extraordinary dessert.

Creative Crostini: Prepare crispy crostini and top them with original combinations like avocado and shrimp, goat cheese and honey, or smoked salmon and cream cheese. These elegant appetizers will be a hit on any occasion.

Pizza with Local Ingredients: Highlight local flavors by creating pizzas with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Use regional cheeses, seasonal vegetables, and aromatic herbs for a pizza that celebrates the cuisine of your area.

Your electric pizza oven is a versatile tool that can transform any meal into an extraordinary culinary experience. Experiment with these creative ideas and customize your recipes according to your tastes. Your oven is the canvas, and your ingredients are the colors; create culinary masterpieces that will delight the palate of anyone fortunate enough to taste them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing and Using an Electric Pizza Oven

1. FAQ: What are the main features to look for in an electric pizza oven?

In an electric pizza oven, it is essential to look for features such as the ability to reach high temperatures (ideal for pizza cooking), a refractory stone or biscuit base for a crispy crust, and the ability to precisely adjust the temperature. A good pizza oven should also offer ease of use and cleaning.

2. FAQ: What are the advantages of using a dome electric pizza oven?

Dome electric pizza ovens offer numerous advantages. They reach high temperatures, producing a crispy crust and a soft interior texture, similar to that of traditional pizzerias. They are versatile, allowing for cooking a variety of dishes besides pizza. Moreover, they are safer and easier to use compared to wood-fired ovens.

3. FAQ: What are the main differences between an electric pizza oven and a gas one?

The main differences between an electric pizza oven and a gas one are the power source and temperature control. Electric ovens are powered by electricity, while gas ones use gas. Electric ovens offer greater temperature control and culinary versatility, but some prefer the smoky taste of gas ones for certain preparations.

4. FAQ: Can I cook other dishes besides pizza in an electric pizza oven?

Yes, an electric pizza oven is ideal for baking a wide range of dishes besides pizza. You can prepare focaccias, calzones, bread, meat dishes, and even desserts. Its ability to reach high temperatures and maintain a balance between moisture and drying makes it a versatile tool for experimenting in the kitchen.

5. FAQ: Which is the best oven for baking pizza?

The best oven for baking pizza is the Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0, known for its ability to prepare pizzas as if you were in a pizzeria. This extraordinary result is made possible thanks to the Spice-Electronics patent, which is based primarily on two fundamental factors: construction materials and temperature. The updates made to Spice's electric and gas ovens have brought them to an unparalleled level of innovation, ensuring a quality that consecrates them as the best ovens for pizza.

Why Choose Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0

The "Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0" is not just an electric pizza oven: it's a revolution in home pizza preparation. With its advanced features, innovative design, and superior construction, it offers a complete solution for those seeking the results of a professional pizzeria with the convenience of cooking at home.

Whether you're an experienced pizzaiolo or an enthusiast in search of the perfect pizza, the "Spice Diavola Pro v 2.0" is designed to elevate every aspect of your culinary experience.

The Community of Electric Pizza Oven Enthusiasts:

Join a community of electric pizza oven enthusiasts online or participate in specialized cooking courses. Share your culinary creations, exchange tips and tricks, and discover new recipes from the vast network of homemade pizza enthusiasts. Sharing experiences and knowledge with other pizza lovers can enrich your culinary experience.

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