Outdoor gas pizza oven FAQ: what you need to know

When the weather conditions allow it, it is pleasant to organize an evening in the garden (but also on the terrace or veranda), enjoying an excellent homemade pizza together with family or friends, perfectly cooked in an outdoor gas oven.

Below, everything you need to know about the characteristics and domestic use of this special cooking tool.

What are the advantages of a gas oven for pizza compared to a traditional oven?

Easy to install, practical and intuitive to use, this oven model is very versatile because, in addition to pizza, it also allows you to prepare other dishes. In addition, it has simplified maintenance and takes up little space.

What is its ideal size and how many pizzas can it hold?

For easy positioning, the ideal measurements are: height 35 cm, width 46 cm, depth 53.5 cm, with an insertion mouth height of 16 cm; in an oven of this size the cooking surface (40 cm or 16 inches) allows you to cook, in sequence, several pizzas with a standard diameter of 32/33 cm or, at the same time, at least 4/6 pizzas of about 18/16 cm in diameter.

How does it work and what is the average gas consumption?

Just press the power button and set the maximum temperature to start the oven heating, which takes a few minutes.

The heat, radiated by the flame emitted by the burner, spreads uniformly inside the cooking chamber and the supply of the oven requires, on average, about 370 g of LPG gas per hour.

Read this insight into it.

What is the maximum temperature it can reach?

In 30 minutes (which become 20 if the oven is equipped with a lid), the temperature in the internal chamber reaches 450/500 °C.

How do you clean the oven?

The structure of this type of oven allows for simplified maintenance, especially if you compare it with that required by wood-burning ovens: to remove combustion residues, simply clean the internal surfaces with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water.

Which type of stone for cooking pizza is best suited?

The basis for optimal cooking of the pizza is the double refractory stone; the rectangular "Biscotto di Casapulla" stone, 40x40 cm in size and 2.3 cm thick, is ideal.

What type of gas is used?

The burner that emits the flame can be fed, depending on the model, with natural gas or LPG.

How long does it take to reach the ideal temperature?

Generally speaking, the time required by the gas oven to develop the heat necessary for cooking the pizza is around 30/40 minutes; some products reach the ideal temperature even in less time (20 minutes if equipped with a lid).

What are the most important characteristics to consider when buying an oven?

In the first place, the presence of the structural conditions and measures that guarantee safe use of the oven must be ascertained: it therefore detects the quality of the materials used for the construction, in addition to the safety systems inserted in each example by the manufacturing companies.

How much does a good quality outdoor gas pizza oven cost?

On the market it is possible to find models of outdoor gas ovens with very variable prices, within a rather wide range that also includes professional models and "hybrid" models (which can also be used with other power systems): these the latter can also cost 1500/2000 euros and more.

The average price of a domestic gas oven for outdoors - qualitatively valid - is around 400/500 euros.

Purchase advice

One of the main advantages of gas pizza ovens is their ease of use. Because the gas ignites quickly and the temperature is easy to adjust, these ovens are ideal for anyone looking for a quick and convenient way to cook pizza outdoors.

Additionally, outdoor gas pizza ovens are usually cheaper than their wood-fired equivalents and require less maintenance. However, they may not offer the same flavor and texture as pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven.

It is important to note that outdoor gas pizza ovens may require some practice to get the right temperature and desired pizza texture. Also, some models may require the installation of a gas cylinder.

In general, outdoor gas pizza ovens are a good choice for those looking for an easy and convenient solution to cooking pizza outdoors, but they may not offer the same flavor and cooking experience as a wood-fired oven. .

If you want to use a quality product that guarantees continuous use and excellent durability over time, the Spice Diavola 16 gas oven ranks among the best examples on the market today, even online.

In addition to having an elegant and compact design, it is an oven with a marked functionality, perfect for the domestic context and can be easily inserted in outdoor environments, even of limited dimensions; its relatively light weight (15 kg) allows it to be easily moved from one place to another, depending on the circumstances.

In just 60-90 seconds it cooks a pizza with a diameter of 32 cm in an optimal way and the temperature of the internal chamber remains constantly high, precisely to allow you to take out more pizzas, in continuous sequence and without intervals.

It is powered exclusively by LPG gas, therefore it is very economical and does not require installation, because it is delivered already assembled.

Expressly designed to be versatile, it allows you to prepare - in addition to pizza - many other meat, fish and vegetable dishes, but also cakes, biscuits and bread, without emitting smoke or odours.

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