Spice pizza contest #4: the classics of Italian cuisine

Spice Pizza Contest #4 (Diavola 16')

Spice Electronics is pleased to announce the third Pizza Contest for all pizza lovers and enthusiasts!

Theme: "The classics of Italian cuisine!"

There is a fabulous prize for the Winner, the second and the third classified... Here are all the details

Object of the contest

Making the best pizza themed "the classics of Italian cuisine" by reinterpreting a dish of national cuisine (for example carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, etc.) using the "Spice Diavola 16'" oven.

  1. Make a video of the preparation (seasoning, cooking, plating) using the hashtag #spicepizzacontest in the title (e.g. #spicepizzacontest Pizza Carbonara with Diavola 16 oven)

Indicate in the description: Type of dough (direct, indirect or semi-direct), Characteristics of the flour (degree of refining and strength expressed in W or grams of protein), Dough ingredients in grams, Leavening and maturation times, Seasoning and processing of ingredients ( the selection and processing of ingredients will have a big impact on the final grade)

    Duration of the contest

    The contest is active from Saturday 4 March 2023 to Saturday 18 March 2023 at 11.59 pm

    Only videos posted before this closing date will be taken into consideration.

    Nomination of winners

    • The undisputed judge of the Contest is Angelo Caruso
    • It will view all the videos posted on YouTube and then shared on the Facebook group
    • In addition to the final aesthetic aspect of the product, such as shape, size and cooking, he will also evaluate the creation and management of the dough and condiments. The choice and processing of toppings (pizza toppings) will be the object
    • Based on this, he will nominate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the competition

    Angelo caruso Academy

    The winners of the contest will be communicated on the Facebook Group Spice oven pizza Caliente and DIavola official group by Angelo Caruso in the first days of the following week after careful analysis of the videos

    Prizes up for grabs

    1st place: will receive a Spice Diavola Pro pizza oven

    2nd place: will receive a Spice Caliente pizza oven

    3rd place: will receive a set of oven shovels

    How to participate


    In order to participate in the contest, you must have a Diavola 16' gas oven. Videos made with any other pizza oven other than the one indicated will not be accepted.

    The video must have a minimum duration of 90 seconds and must include the seasoning, baking and plating stages.

    The video created must be published on YouTube (before being shared on the Facebook Group) and must have the hashtag #spicepizzacontest at the beginning of the title

    (Ex. #spicepizzacontest Pizza carbonara with Diavola 16 gas oven)

    • Send an email to spicecontest@spice-electronics.com with the subject "Spice pizza contest";
    • Indicate in the content of the email the Video Link and the address to receive the prize.

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