Refractory stone for Spice Diavola 16...

    Refractory stone for Spice Diavola 16 "oven or traditional or external oven 40 x 40 cm

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    Hearthstone in Cordierite for traditional or external oven

    Original spare part for Diavola 16 gas oven

    40 x 40 cm

    Thickness 10 mm

    Garanzia a domicilioPREMIUM SPICE WARRANTY: The product is covered by a PREMIUM 24 months WARRANTY, which includes FREE REPLACEMENT *.

    Cordierite refractory stone for Spice Diavola 16 pizza oven or traditional internal or external oven The Spice refractory stone for pizza has been designed to guarantee perfect cooking of pizza and any type of baking in any type of oven. Whether it is gas or electric at home, outdoor as a barbecue or charcoal, the Spice refractory stone transforms any oven into a pizzeria oven!

    Composed of high quality cordierite, it maintains the temperature constantly without high oscillations, guaranteeing better results than other materials.Resistant to very high temperatures, easy to clean and to use.

    Just prepare the stone for cooking with adequate preheating (more or less 20-30 minutes) based on the cooking temperature, bake, enjoy the pizza and clean the stone once it has cooled. It guarantees an excellent and uniform cooking of the pizza in just a few minutes, preserving all the nutritional properties of the ingredients!

    Then clean the stone only after it has completely cooled with a dry or slightly damp cloth, do not use detergents or detergents that would be absorbed. The stone can also be subjected to the high temperature pyrolysis process for complete cleaning.

    The Spice Refractory Stone is the native hob of the Diavola 16 gas pizza oven for which it is the natural original replacement, but transforms any oven or barbecue into a small pizzeria.

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