Our real and certified Feedaty reviews

Feedaty of the company Zoorate is a company certified for the verification of site reviews, all the reviews published on their portal are real and verified, many of the reviews on online sites managed directly by e-commerce allow you to modify or cancel reviews generated by customers and even create new ones bogus, a practice that can deceive customers and site visitors, we at spice have preferred to use an external certifier for the management of our reviews that appear to be with this system truthful and not falsifiable, Feedaty di Zoorate in fact contacts our customers directly and independently following the purchase and asks to review the purchase, the service and the product, and faithfully reports the publication of the complete and truthful review of the customer.

The reviews are not limited to the service offered by our portal such as free and fast shipping, assistance guaranteed in 48 hours, but also and above all on the quality of the products , our customers in fact through Feedaty di zoorate they can also review separately the quality of the products, another very important aspect during a guided purchase choice.

With SPICE reviews are certified security.

You can see our real reviews page by clicking here real reviews

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