Tips for using the portable electric food warmer

How to best use the electric food warmer spice:

the phases of use of a food warmer are usually the following, preparation, transport, ignition and heating, washing and we will show you some good tips to better conduct the phases of use:

1) Preparing the food warmer

The preparation of the food warmer with your lunch inside is very simple, open the lid using the 4 flaps on the 4 sides, lift the lid and take out the removable stainless steel tray.

Now put your dishes inside the tray, pasta, meat, vegetables, soups, whatever you want, the capacity is 1.5 liters in this model and is equivalent to about 150 grams of well-cooked pasta.

Pasta cotta

Now you can keep your lunch in the refrigerator ready for the next day, for example if you decide to prepare it the night before, you can cover the removable steel tray with cling film that helps better conservation


Only the stainless steel tray can be placed in the refrigerator, NOT the electric food warmer body as the condensation of the refrigerator could damage the electrical circuits!

Hot plate in stainless steel tray

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2) Transporting the food warmer to work or away from home

This is the most delicate phase as the food warmer is provided with a gasket on the lid along the edge, but it has a vent valve that is used during heating which is not totally hermetic and therefore an overturning of the food warmer in the presence of the interior for example of soups or brothy food would cause the unpleasant leakage of liquids, so here is the advice on transport to avoid this inconvenience, place cling film between the base with tray inserted with the lunch and the lid and close the hooks, the film stretched by the lid will not allow any liquid to escape and that's it.

Closing the food container

3) Ignition and heating

It's time for lunch, so let's proceed to reheat our dishes, if you have followed the advice of the film sheet for transport, it must be removed before proceeding to use and heating the dishes. T then remove the film

Film to be removed, tips for use

Close the food warmer with its lid by closing the 4 snap flaps perfectly, now you have to press on the vent in the center of the lid, the silicone valve you will see will open slightly to allow during the heating of the lunch the release of condensation that would water down your dishes, the release of condensation allows perfect heating and flavors very close to the freshly cooked meal.

Press on the vent in the center of the warming lid

Now move on to power up, and for this model (spice amarillo digital) to the temperature setting and ignition delay timer , this model is really handy as you can just set all the functions and not think about it more until lunchtime as amarillo digital will turn on exactly at the time you set and you will find your hot steaming lunch at your lunch break time.

Turn on by clicking ON

Accendere lo scaldavivande premendo su ON

The temperature you will see when you switch on is the current temperature of the tray and its contents

Now set the temperature by clicking on setting , you can set the preferred maximum heating temperature, once that temperature is reached the food warmer will keep constant the one you have set between 30 and 80 degrees for the entire ignition time.

Set the temperature of the = food warmer

How to set the heating timer

Now proceed to set the power delay timer by clicking on timing

You can set the ignition delay up to 9 h, but let's say that the most used is 4 hours for example if we arrive at the office at 8 in the morning by setting 4 hours the food warmer will turn on for 12 and for 12, 30 your lunch will be ready and steaming

Impostare il Timer di riscaldamento
Funzione timing di riscaldamento / accensione

4) Cleaning the food warmer

The cleaning of our food warmers is quite simple, the removable stainless steel tray and the stainless steel fork supplied can be easily washed in dishwasher, the lid of the food warmer and accessories, plastic tray should be washed by hand if possible with common dish detergent, the silicone lid gasket is easily removable and washable with dish detergents, this allows better cleaning even in inaccessible corners , the silicone vent valve can also be removed for washing.

Cleaning the food warmer
How to clean the electric food warmer
steel in the dishwasher

How to clean the body of the food warmer

The body of the food warmer, the one that contains the electrical part, must be cleaned with a damp cloth and only externally taking care not to let any liquid enter the electric heating body.

Happy lunch everyone with the electric food warmers spice electronics

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