Is it possible to quench your thirst with cold drinks?

In this article we will talk about hydration and the recommended temperature to quench your thirst, also in relation to digestion and alcohol intake.

1. Regular hydration, especially in summer

It is very important, especially during the hottest days of summer, to properly hydrate our body to replenish the fluids that we inevitably lose with sweating. Whether we play sports or whether the heat makes us sweat without even moving, it is good to remember to drink and not only when thirst is felt. A right dose of water (which can also be taken in the form of other liquids) we need to regulate body temperature when the external one becomes very high, but also to eliminate toxins and harmful substances and to lubricate the joints. The famous 2 liters of water a day, which we are often advised to take, are a very indicative amount, because we are all different and we need a different amount of liquids to supplement, which can vary a lot, depending on our lifestyle, how much we sweat, how we eat and how much fruit and vegetables we consume. To give an idea, let's say that a quantity between 6 and 8 glasses a day will be fine for everyone. But now let's talk about the temperature: Are cold drinks really the best to quench your thirst?

2. Fresh water, but not cold

A nice glass of iced lemon water after a good run ... or maybe better not? Let's think about it: our body after physical exertion, or when it is very hot, it is stressed and has a higher temperature. For this we sweat: to regulate the internal temperature. The body takes care of itself to cool itself, according to its physiological times. Introducing a drink that is too cold all at once could cause a sort of thermal shock, which is certainly not good for you. In the Europe of the Mediterranean countries we usually seek refreshment with a cold beer, cold water or juice , but it is well known that in desert areas it is not unusual to offer hot tea to quench your thirst. Cold drinks, in fact, give a pleasantly cool sensation which is however temporary, while hot drinks give a more lasting relief, because they stimulate the body temperature towards a gradual increase and therefore make you sweat more favoring perspiration and natural regulation 'body. A whole different perspective!

3. Cold drinks and digestion

Quenching your thirst with water that is too cold is not recommended by the practice of Ayurveda , but you don't need to go very far: even according to the sayings of all our grandmothers a cold drink drunk too quickly can hurt ! And this is especially true if you have just eaten. It is therefore better to drink fresh water, but not cold, so as not to trigger sudden changes in temperature. Meals should never be accompanied by iced drinks, because cold is a principle contrary to digestion and could lead to stomach pain and indigestion. The same goes for fruit. Melons, watermelons, peaches, pineapples: when we decide to eat them, let's take them out of the refrigerator a little earlier, so that their temperature is not too low compared to that of our body.

4. Quench your thirst, yes, without alcohol

As mentioned before, for many of us it is not strange to cool off by drinking a cold beer or an aperitif with ice, but it is good to remember that all drinks with alcoholic content, even those that make a few degrees like beer, only seem to be thirst-quenching. At first. In the long run, in fact, they can give a feeling of dehydration , which can only be relieved with water. Alcohol actually inhibits the production of the antidiuretic hormone ADH, so diuresis is stimulated by producing a drop in fluids in the body. That said, no one will forbid you from taking moderate amounts of alcohol, but keep in mind that there are plenty of alternatives for a refreshing aperitif! Lemonades, water and ginger, water and mint, orange juice, elderflower, cherry, tamarind syrup, smoothies and centrifuges: the summer drinks are really many and lend themselves to creating thirst-quenching and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.

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