Gift card Spice

From today you can buy a Gift Card for yourself or a loved one

GIFT CARDS are a very useful and simple tool to use to give a gift to a relative or friend.

Not sure what to get for the holidays?

Choose the Gift Card for the amount that suits you best and complete your purchase... 

Choose the Gift Card that's right for you: the denominations available are €50, €100, €150, €200, €400, €500

Purchase includes 1 year additional warranty on redeemed products (e.g. 2+1 = 3 years)

How to use it after giving it as a gift?

You need to access the site, register and put the products in the cart.

During checkout, you must enter the COUPON in the space provided to obtain the discount and conclude the purchase in complete safety.

What happens if I buy a product that costs more than my Coupon value?

Very simple, you will only be asked to pay for the excess.

What if I don't spend the full coupon amount on my purchase?

A new discount COUPON will be generated for the remaining amount, which can be used for a future purchase within 12 months.

What to buy?

On Spice Electronics there are endless possibilities to purchase...

We recommend the Diavola 16 gas oven (ideal for outdoors or airy areas) or the brand new Diavola pro electric pizza oven, unique in its category. Otherwise you can choose between electric food warmers and lunch box kits, always comfortable and useful for your meals away from home.

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