Christmas gifts: ideas, trends and advice

How was Christmas born?

It may seem incredible, given that Christmas is one of the most famous holidays in every corner of the world, but nobody knows for sure when this holiday was born. Christmas as we know it today is the fruit of 2 millennia of cultural and religious stratifications.

It seems, however, that already in Roman times, precisely on December 25th, the "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" was celebrated, a pagan festival that celebrated the triumph of light over darkness: it was the emperor Aurelius who, in 274 AD. he introduced this ritual into the religion of the Romans, having observed that the feast had many similarities with the birth of Christ.

What does Christmas mean for families?

The celebration of Christmas has always been the most heartfelt moment to get close to loved ones, spend days with them in serenity and joy, share the table and play moments.

Even gifts represent a meeting of intentions, the tangible way of demonstrating an emotional connection between the giver and the recipient: behind an object that is given there is, in fact, a thought aimed at the recipient of the gift, the will to satisfy his desire or one of his needs, but also the desire to choose something useful that makes his life richer and more complete.

Christmas gifts: this year's trend?

After the austerity of the period in which the health emergency prevented people from getting together, Christmas 2022 provides an opportunity to meet again and the suggested gifts are also inspired by this opportunity.

For those who play sports, it will be useful to anticipate the delivery of a special Advent calendar that will allow them to maintain their "fitness routine" even during the pre-Christmas period.

Even afterwards, however, by giving away a sportwatch, our friend will be able to keep all the details relating to the times to be devoted to physical activity under control, monitoring his own vital functions and keeping his other commitments under control.

Personalized gifts are always perfect, which surprise and gratify those who receive them, while those who love to read away from home will appreciate finding a case for their books or eBook under the Tree.

Also this year, confirming the trends of past years we find:

Cookbooks, LEGO, collectible puppets / characters, smartphones and tablet cases, scarves / gloves / hats, candles and home fragrances, belts and t-shirts, collector's items (for collectors of any kind)...

What to give for Christmas to those who have everything?

You don't need to spend large sums to make a "targeted" gift, even if it's intended for those who already have a thousand things: a photo-gift, for example, in addition to being absolutely personal, gives a clear idea of specific attention.

For those who often travel by car, you can think of a dash cam, a small device that is very useful for safety, which records everything that happens in front of the vehicle while driving.

The most passionate gamer can be given a pair of lively and comfortable non-slip socks with writings that recall his favorite video games.

For those who often organize convivial moments, a beer tap is ideal, which allows you to enjoy an always fresh blonde or dark beer even at home, perhaps while watching a film or a TV series all together thanks to a portable video projector.

Those who often dine away from home can be given a practical lunch box kit, complete with everything needed, including cutlery, which perhaps includes a chafing dish and allows them to enjoy each dish at the right temperature.

What to give original?

Nothing is more unusual than an "immaterial" gift which, at the same time, has both an ethical and practical meaning: for example, the adoption of a beehive, a gift that protects biodiversity, is green friendly and sustainable, useful both for receives it both for the Planet.

To find it, just search the web for one of the many adoption projects and give it to your ecologist friend.

Furnishing accessories and kitchen accessories, despite the fact that there are countless examples, are continually renewed in terms of design and intended use.

They hit the heart of those who receive them because they are fun or elegant objects, but always easy to use; moreover, they are also found on the market in a low-cost version and, despite being undemanding from an economic point of view, they maintain an exclusive and functional tone at the same time.

What to give useful?

Not everyone has a pizza oven in their kitchen or a gas oven in their garden, two perfect solutions for so many preparations to share with family and friends during the Christmas holidays and then throughout the rest of the year.

Those who already own one of these appliances will appreciate receiving a kit of oven accessories or a biscuit stone, useful for implementing the equipment of the aspiring domestic pizza chef and allowing him to perfect his cooking technique on focaccia and pizza of all kinds.

And if you don't yet know what to give, you can opt for a Spice Gift Card: extremely simple to use and available in various denominations (from 50 to 500 euros), it also includes an additional 1-year guarantee on redeemed items.

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