What normality awaits us after COVID-19?

The emergency caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic or SARS-CoV-2 which has led to multiple changes in our lives, from quarantine to social distancing, even when it passes it will still see radical changes to our daily life for a long time, in fact certainly social distancing will be one of the containment measures we should necessarily get used to for months if not years, until the scientific breakthrough of a vaccine that can protect us from this new virus, here is that the social distancing, the face mask, the gloves, even the resumption of work in the company will lead to substantial changes in the moments of communities, such as the lunch break, it is difficult to maintain a social distancing in a canteen, or in the dining rooms, especially in small businesses, it is difficult to find open bars and if you travel for work, for example, it is also difficult to find r open restaurants or perhaps with few seats caused by the spacing.

Here, then, that the small spaces and the time of the break concentrated in just over an hour, will probably cause long waits and queues (like those in supermarkets these days) to wait for your turn, our company provides you the solution with the range of food warmers and lunch kits , which you can use anywhere, even in the car with the dual voltage model spice amarillo inox plus , all our lunch box kit are complete with stainless steel cutlery and AISI- stainless steel tray. 304 for food use and washable comfortably in the dishwasher, in this way you can take your lunch from home and heat it and consume it wherever you want, protecting in a healthy and hermetic way or your own lunch, certainly healthy and complete for your daily diet, all spice products have a 2-year Italian warranty.

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