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Lunch Box Kits are the complete solution for transporting your meal away from home. Equipped with a comfortable and spacious cooler bag, they allow you to transport your Lunch box and insulated bottle wherever you want, in a hygienic and safe way.

Lunch box kit with 2 and 3 accessories

Lunch box kit with 4 accessories

The Lunch Boxes are a functional group of products suitable for transporting, storing and consuming food outside the home in comfort. Spice Electronics offers office lunch boxes and travel trays . We offer all in one meal solutions for the transport and consumption of food at work, a real office lunch kit .

What are the characteristics of a good lunch box ? One thing is certain: to obtain a self-respecting lunch box, it is absolutely necessary that the individual components are of quality. There are several combinations that we offer in this category, all similar to the base but at the same time different in order to offer the best lunch box kit away from home at the best price ... yes, because buying a bag holder complete with bag and bottle saves money. compared to the expense of individual items.

A cooler bag is provided for many office lunch kits. This is proposed in two variants of different capacities , this to allow you to transport more containers at the same time. The largest is 22 liters, very large, able to contain in its 3 compartments warming, lunch box, water bottle. The hermetic hinges hold the containers in a stable way, prevents them from wobbling and can be transported with peace of mind thanks to the ergonomic shoulder strap. Well, now let's move on to the lunch boxes . Well, if you can do without the shoulder bag depending on the case and situation, you certainly cannot do without the lunch boxes.

We thought of creating kits with Amarillo electric lunch boxes (classic format with 1.5 liter tray) and others including the Amarillo Trio food containers, with a more flattened shape, lower .. to which you can add a double tray with compartments. (this depends on the need for nutrition and food consumption). Then there are the stainless steel water bottles , light, resistant, ergonomic, colored, to always carry with you regardless of meals. With these containers for drinks it is possible to preserve the temperature of liquids for a long time, whether it is simple water as well as herbal tea or hot herbal tea.

An excellent office lunch box ensures healthy and hot food to be consumed at the right temperature, in the car (thanks to the double 220v USB socket) as at the desk. In this section you can buy an electric food warmer with cutlery and cooler bag ideal for all playful and working needs outside the home. Small portable and versatile appliances, equipped with stainless steel trays (with and without cutlery sets), medium and large volume coolers, small 500ml or larger stainless steel insulated bottles (750ml) ... in short, complete solutions for lunch away from home ... Let's say enough of the simple lunch box we see in the movies! Spice is a leading company in the small household appliance sector: it produces and markets CE products that comply with the most recent European directives on the hygiene of food transport . The thermal lunch box, such as the digital electric lunch box and the hermetic food warmer with compartments for the office are also present on Amazon Italy. Beware of imitations and choose only certified original products. Buy the best office lunch box here and save! Discover all the kits in the catalog!

Read the reviews of customers who have already purchased our lunch boxes outside the home or the classic office lunch boxes ... ask your question or leave a feedback, we will treasure it!

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