Drinks to reduce fatigue

The feeling of exhaustion and fatigue is a condition that can occur suddenly, and for several reasons. The symptoms are clear: lack of energy, poor concentration, even nausea and joint pain; factors that negatively affect everyday life, both in the workplace and in the personal one, also undermining the desire to do physical activity or daily training. But what are the causes of this "disorder"? And how is it possible to fight it?

First of all it should be noted that some diseases can lead to physical fatigue, but excluding this option it is possible that a period of particular exhaustion may occur, and the reasons can be many. First of all we find the change of season ; it may seem trivial but many people are sensitive to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure and especially in spring they experience physical and psychological discomfort. It is certainly not a disease but a subjective sensitivity, which can be effectively treated only with proper nutrition and hydration.

There is also the possibility that an intense period of work or study, in which maximum concentration is required or there are deadlines, commitments and responsibilities, can trigger a process of mental stress that results in in extreme tiredness, listlessness and above all lack of concentration.

This can also happen if you are facing a period of intense training , perhaps to reach competitive goals or simply because you have "pushed" yourself a little too far, perhaps to return to form shortly before the arrival of summer.

Last but not least, an inadequate diet and an irregular lifestyle inevitably cause the body to lack substances capable of guaranteeing energy and efficiency for all functions . What to do then? The solution is much simpler than you might think: a few small precautions are enough - get enough sleep, reduce the workload / study / sport when possible - and integrate the diet with the right liquids, with preparations and drinks, to do comfortably even at home, which can replenish all the substances necessary for the body to regain energy. Let's see what they are.

Energy and refreshing drinks

The preparations listed below are easily made at home and can be stored in comfortable steel bottles and taken to school, office and gym, so that you always have the energy you need at hand.

  • Oat drink . By mixing two tablespoons of oatmeal in a cup of milk and adding a teaspoon of honey you will get a nourishing and energizing drink; this preparation is also indicated to improve circulation, therefore perfect for both sportsmen and those who do sedentary work.
  • Apple, orange and lemon smoothie . Very easy to prepare even at home, in these ingredients there is everything you need to remove tiredness and weakness, and also the vitamins naturally contained in these fruits are very useful in strengthening the immune defenses.
  • Ginger (ginger) and lemon tea . Ginger root is an incredible source of beneficial substances for the body and has multiple possibilities to be used in the kitchen both for seasoning and for creating refreshing, energizing and strengthening drinks. The root is easily found and with very few flakes immersed in boiling water you get a drink with a very pleasant taste and that can be drunk both hot and iced, perhaps brought to work in a small thermos. Depending on your taste, you can add lemon or honey, but in each variant this drink is able to infuse energy and vitality.

The Mediterranean diet , it is now well known, allows the body to take on all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients ideal for leading a healthy and balanced life; for those who, in any case, would like to experience something more "exotic", perhaps to alternate with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, there are products that contain the right substances to fill up on energy. One of these is the Acai Berry, available in specialized stores and sold in the form of powder, which can be added to your favorite smoothies or juices: its anti-inflammatory and energizing properties are ideal for defeating stress above all or if you want. detoxify the body from harmful substances - perhaps taken through refined foods - which are those that can cause fatigue and tiredness.

The Budwig cream is a real lunch substitute, easy to prepare at home and that you can take to school or work in convenient lunch boxes. It is prepared by blending bananas and yogurt, classic or vegetable, and combining oil and linseed, dried fruit and pieces of seasonal fruit; gives energy, is low in calories and helps in concentration.

Fruits, vegetables and imagination in short, they can prove to be excellent allies against tiredness and fatigue; avoiding falling into the "traps" of energy drinks based on caffeine, glucose and taurine that provide fictitious benefits, you can get back in a healthy and natural way and ready for training, study and work.

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