Delivery food in Italy: how much does it affect eating habits?

The phenomenon of delivery food

The home delivery service , known by the term of Anglo-Saxon origin "delivery", involves many sectors of commercial and social life, first of all that related to food, the world of food and food: the delivery of pizza or dishes from a restaurant or sandwich shop is a typical example of food delivery.

The possibility of ordering food to be delivered to your home or office has existed for decades and has always been widely used, but the advent of apps that allow you to ordering takeaway food from the phone has officially started a real revolution in the world of home delivery. And owning a smartphone has also given us another advantage: that of having an agile tool to view all the opportunities that the delivery sector offers, browsing the vastness of the offers on the web.

Also due to this immediate availability, the delivery food sector has marked, in recent years, a growing trend, an advance accentuated by the latest dramatic events caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If smart working has forced many of us to change their work habits, the opportunity to have a ready meal, delivered comfortably to home or office, has made the offer grow of food delivery.

Within the contingent situation linked to the health emergency, which unfortunately is going on for a long time, a need for hygiene and protection was then highlighted in every vital sector, including that of power supply.

As a result, there has also been a growing awareness that preparing meals yourself remains, however, the safest way to be sure to consume foods of known provenance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of delivery?

According to the data collected and disseminated by Netcomm (the Italian digital commerce consortium), in 2019, so even before the Covid emergency, the home delivery sector had registered a strong pushed forward and the companies involved in the delivery business have multiplied.

Among the best known names, Glovo, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Uber Eats ; the delivery covers every type of meal, from pizza, sandwich, ice cream, to full lunch or restaurant dinner.

The advantages that push Italians to turn to delivery food are numerous: first of all, the lack of time (or desire) to cook is important, but the practicality of the service also matters, which allows solve the problem of organizing a lunch or dinner, taking advantage of the variety of ready-made foods that can be found on the catering market, simply by placing an order. The (relatively) affordable prices have also acted as an incentive and, to accentuate this aspect, many food delivery companies promote periodic offers, aimed at preferring one service or another.

Of course, as in all things, delivery also has its disadvantages : first of all the problems related to transport, conditioned by distances and traffic, especially in large cities. And weather conditions also affect, which can affect the punctuality and accuracy of delivery, the integrity of the packaging and the quality of the food delivered.

Alternative to delivery food in the office: portable electric food warmers

To all these factors was added the problem related to personal safety in time of Covid-19, which affects many categories of consumers: employees who return to work in the office, hauliers who have never stopped traveling, students who have returned (albeit alternately) to attend schools and university departments in presence.

All these types of consumers, if on the one hand they find the delivery service very convenient, they wondered if there was an alternative, just as functional and simple, to put into practice. The solution to the question has always existed and is being improved more and more with special food containers, whose evolution consists of modern lunch box .

If delivery food is certainly a formidable tool for solving the problem of what to eat in the office, school or university, bringing lunch from home is a safe (and cheap) resource, as it ensures that you consume top quality food. known origin and is just as practical, because, with a minimum of organization, you can plan a full meal.

Lunch can be prepared in advance according to your needs, even dietary ones and brought with you in the lunch box , ready to be consumed, with the possibility of being quickly heated up in a comfortable place electric food warmers , available in combination with lunch boxes and complete with everything you need to have a meal comfortably at your desk.

In this way you can control your diet, choosing to eat food prepared at home in the most congenial ways to individual needs and individual tastes.

Inside the lunch box, food is preserved in a hygienically perfect way and can be transported in absolute safety. All models are equipped with internal removable stainless steel trays, with single or separate compartments: once emptied, the trays can be removed to be washed and then repositioned for countless subsequent uses.

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