Digitally controlled food warmer

The digitally controlled food warmers are equipped with a display with which you can check the temperature. The Timer function allows you to set the delayed switch-on of the food warmer in order to save time and get a hot meal at the right point.

Amarillo Inox Digital is equipped with a practical 1.5-liter removable stainless steel tray that allows perfect sanitation of food and even greater heat capacity.

Food warmer for home and office 220v

All food warmers have a 220v socket and can be connected to any home / office power supply system

Double voltage food warmer

The dual-voltage food warmers can be connected not only to normal household sockets, but also to the cigarette lighter of your car. The dual power supply / dual voltage 220 - 12V allows it to be very flexible and practical both in the office and in the car.

Eco-Bio lunch box in rice gluma

The Eco-Bio lunch boxes / lunch boxes are made with Natural, Ecological, Biodegradable Material. They are tested, certified, safe and healthy products, without bisphenols and phthalates 100% BPA free.

Here you will find the best electric food warmer , lunch-box, lunch boxes, meal trays and many other solutions for lunch away from home. Spice is a leading company in the production of small functional appliances , solutions for lunch at work. Discover the various models of 220 volt office food warmers (usable both at 220 volts) as well as 12 volts for the car / camper / van. When you are forced to eat at home for work needs, the lunch heater is a valid ally in solving problems of time and logistics. This special electric container is designed to contain cooked foods and dishes, as well as raw foods.

You will be amazed to know that the portable electric food warmer can also carry soups and liquid dishes. This is not the old plastic box for carrying sandwiches and sandwiches; it is an electric lunch box, an ergonomic food warming container that can be carried in a bag. The special dual-voltage socket makes this thermal electric lunch box ductile and adaptable to a thousand needs and situations.

What are the models of electric and non-electric food warmers that we present in this section? Let's start with the rice gluma food holders, comfortable and capacious food containers made with 100% organic and natural materials . It is not a matter of electric food warmers but of lunch boxes, hygienic, ergonomic, airtight and space-saving containers even with multiple compartments, in which to house the dishes to consume them calmly and pleasure in the park as in the office. Then we have a category dedicated to the portable electric food warmer for home and office: these are small hermetically sealed appliances, equipped with a stainless steel tray and socket for connection to electricity. More in detail, we propose a lower model such as amarillo trio, and a "classic" model such as amarillo inox. Interchangeable accessory stainless steel trays and / or cutlery can be purchased as accessories.

Then there are the dual voltage food warmers , ideal for connecting to the cigarette lighter installed in all production cars or commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks. This solution has been designed and implemented precisely to meet the needs of workers who spend a lot (or all) of their time on board commercial vehicles for and do not have the time or the possibility to stop at a diner. The technical profile includes 220 V cable, 12 V cable, 40w power. The spearhead of the Spice Electronics collection is the Amarillo digital electric lunch box warmer . This electric lunch box preserves all the qualities of its "brothers" but in addition has a digital timer to set the temperature and thus heat the dishes "in time". This electric food container is the top of the range, an item in great demand especially for those who work in the office because it saves a lot of time, we all know how hectic the business is ...).

If you are looking for a portable electric lunch box to give to your husband, an electric food warmer for your children at school, an electric lunch box for the office or an electric lunch box to use in a car or van, you are in the right place. We offer a large selection of products that are perfectly suited to your life and nutrition needs.

Compare the items and choose the best solution to store, transport and consume your meals in a hygienic way, convenient even at work .. choose the Spice electric lunch heater that best suits your needs.

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