Spice pizza contest #8: Christmas pizza

Spice Pizza Contest #8

Spice Electronics is pleased to announce Pizza Contest #8 for all pizza lovers and enthusiasts!

Theme: "Christmas pizza: the most original wins"

There are fabulous prizes for the first place winners... Here are all the details

Subject of the contest

Make the most original Christmas-themed pizza using the Diavola Pro and Diavola 16.

  1. Make a video of your Christmas pizza showing the main stages of cooking and plating.
  2. Publish the video on Youtube in your channel (Here is a guide from Google on how to upload a video to YT)
  3. Share the Video from YouTube in the group Spice oven pizza Caliente and DIavola official group

    Contest duration

    The contest is active from Sunday 12 November to Wednesday 20 December at 11.59pm

    Only videos published by this closing date will be taken into consideration.

    The Contest will only be considered valid if a minimum of 20 participants are reached.

    How to vote

    • You can vote by leaving a LIKE on the video shared within the Group
    • It is possible to give preference to multiple videos; it is possible to invite people outside the group to vote on the videos
    • Angelo Caruso  has a Super Vote of 50 LIKES that can confirm or overturn the ranking

    Winner's declaration

    The winner will be declared based on the highest number of LIKES that the video will receiveon the date of Wednesday 20 December at 11.59pm

    The winner's name will be published in the Facebook Group

    Angelo Caruso Spice Ambassador

    Prizes up for grabs

    Each participant will receive a discount code that they can use for their Christmas gifts.

    The code will be sent upon receipt of the email with links to the videos.

    Personalized 10% code to be used on all products but cannot be combined with points or other discounts.

    How to participate


    To participate in the contest, you must own a Spice Diavola 16 pizza oven or a Diavola Pro oven.

    Videos made with any other pizza oven other than the one indicated will not be accepted.

    Videos made with modified pizza ovens will not be accepted. Only original pizza ovens

    The video must have a minimum duration of 90 seconds.

    The video created must be published on YouTube (before being shared on the Facebook Group) and must have the hashtag #spicepizzacontest at the beginning of the title

    • Send an email to spicecontest@spice-electronics.com with the subject "Spice pizza contest 8";
    • Indicate the Video Link and the address to receive the prize in the content of the email.

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