Protein snacks outside the home

Proper nutrition to stay fit even outside the home

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what about times when we need an energy "booster" at work?

It often happens in the middle of the morning, or in the early afternoon and, when we are away from home, it is not always possible to go into a bar to have something. Moreover, it is not even advisable to have this attitude in a habitual way.

In fact, processed foods, from a nutritional point of view, are not ideal as a "controlled" snack, prepared with the ingredients chosen by us and responding to our dietary needs. To combine ... useful with pleasure, just get organized and bring with us protein and tasty snacks that have all the requirements to meet the needs of the body and also those of the palate.

Protein foods: how much protein and why

Proteins are called the "building blocks of life" because they help build, maintain and, if necessary, repair muscle and bone cells. They can only be taken through food, because our body is unable to produce the "essential" amino acids contained in protein foods.

There is a simple formula for calculating the amount of macronutrients to take, valid - in principle - even for those who carry out a sedentary activity: 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight.

But where do we find the proteins to be introduced into our body to make it work well? Obviously in meat and fish, eggs, cheeses and, in general, foods (alas) tend to be caloric.

But not only that, because legumes, cereals and vegetables also contain "essential" amino acids: alternating the consumption of all kinds of food is therefore always the best advice to follow.

10 ideas for a protein snack on the go

More often, when we think of a snack at work, we refer to a quick snack, consisting of sweet or savory foods, mainly to be consumed cold or at room temperature. However, this is not always the case: to enjoy a hot snack, you just need to equip yourself with the right tools to bring the food to the right degree of heat.

Let's see together some suggestions for a practical and tasty "fourth meal".

Lean bread and cold cuts: the sandwich that meets the most contemporary nutritional needs, includes wholemeal bread, stuffed with delicate slices of roast turkey or grilled lean meat and a portion of cheese.

"Croque monsieur": the alternative to the classic toast with ham and cheese is enriched with a delicious outer layer of gratinated bechamel. Prepare it at home and then let it "revive" for a few minutes in the food warmer.

Savory shortcrust pastry tartlets: stuffed with stracchino or crescenza cheese, they are crunchy but have a soft and fragrant heart, which will best manifest itself when left inside a lunchbox / food warmer to enjoy warm.

Pizza: in small slices or in the form of swivels, it is always perfect for a quick protein snack, just to be reheated. The most classic and popular of comfort food!

Savory plumcakes: filled with cheese, olives, salami, mushrooms, sausages ... they can be eaten on the go and are even more delicious if they are slightly heated.

Pasta omelettes: a quick brunch for when we want to skip lunch, they can be prepared with a leftover first course, just passing them in a pan and adding eggs and cheese.

Ricotta and fruit "cottage": fresh and protein enough, it is prepared simply by combining chunks of our favorite fruits with 70 g of ricotta, with the addition of honey or brown sugar.

Mix of dried fruit and chocolate: a classic snack that combines the right amount of energy proteins with the flavor and aroma of dark chocolate. Good and greedy without remorse for the line, as long as it is not more than 40 grams in all!

Carrots, celery and hard-boiled eggs: the protein-enriched pinzimonio becomes a brunch if accompanied by toasted wholemeal bread, just enough to cook for two minutes in the food warmer.

Tofu with vegetables: the vegan alternative to animal proteins, soy tofu, can also be quickly cooked in a pan, cut into sticks. Just heat it slightly before tasting it, accompanying it with your favorite vegetables, seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Tips for shopping

How to make protein snacks outside the home, having them ready, just to be heated? Just prepare them in advance and place them inside a lunch kit, a set with separate compartments, versatile and complete with everything, which also allows you to bring the food to the desired temperature in a few minutes.

Thanks to the electric food warmer, in fact, we will be able to count on a practical and economical tool (it consumes only 40 watts of energy), essential when we want to enjoy a hot snack but are at work, away from home or traveling: double voltage (220/12 V ) in fact, allows you to connect this small but precious device also to the cigarette lighter of a vehicle.

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