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Detox, draining, protein: smoothies are a resource for every dietary need. They prepare quickly and can also be taken with them to work, to have a supply of energy ready to be consumed at any time of the day.

Smoothies are often thought of as a rich and nutritious drink, not very suitable for those who follow a low-calorie diet: in reality, it depends on the ingredients we use to prepare them and, if we want to limit the intake of calories, just avoid those that contain a greater number of fat.

Conversely, there are those who drink smoothies to supplement their diet with a higher dose of protein: if we lead a predominantly sedentary life, consuming a smoothie in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon can be a correct way to have an undemanding snack, but full of energy, which helps our physical and mental well-being.

Smoothies in the diet

Among their ingredients, smoothies almost always include milk, which enriches the drink with taste and creaminess, but that relating to the organoleptic qualities is not the only reason: the proteins contained in whey are important nutrients, easily assimilated by the body. . Especially if we practice a sport, at a competitive or amateur level, the smoothie is the most suitable drink to restore the energy expended during the competition or training.

If, on the other hand, we want to obtain a detoxifying or slimming action, just prepare the smoothie with a base of water (or vegetable milk) and lots of fruit with the peel: it will be a precious source of fiber, beneficial for the gastrointestinal system, to regulate the blood cholesterol level and to help us follow a weight loss diet, given the sense of satiety that the smoothie helps to increase.

5 smoothies to add flavor to your meal / snack

The combinations applicable to the preparation of a smoothie are truly infinite: just mix the different ingredients to obtain a drink that is always rich in beneficial properties.

As always, the key word is "harmony": we choose fruit and aromas that enhance each other and, if desired, add a liquid base to taste. Here are some recipes to prepare smoothies that meet different wellness needs.

1. Energy Smoothie

Very simple and very effective, this smoothie is prepared with ½ glass of milk (including soy) and a banana; we can make it more aromatic by adding a spoonful of coconut flour and sweetening it with a teaspoon of acacia honey. Ideal if we play sports, this drink can also be added with 10 g of protein powder.

2. Detox smoothie

After the "extravagances" of the holidays, just put in the blender a cup of green tea, 120 g of white grapes (including berries and peel!), The pulp of an avocado and a teaspoon of ginger. As an alternative to tea, we can use rice milk (250 ml) and add ½ tablespoon of maple syrup: our smoothie will have a sweet, unusual and very delicate taste.

3. Antioxidant smoothie

Eternal youth? A myth, but we can try to keep our body at its best by drinking a low-fat yogurt smoothie (125 ml), the juice and pulp of a pink grapefruit and 150 g of blueberries two or three times a week. In summer, we add lots of ice and a carrot, for a thirst-quenching drink that, in addition, protects our skin from the negative action of UV rays.

4. Slimming Smoothie

A smoothie made from red fruits (100 g), such as strawberries, raspberries or currants, combined with ½ pear and enough water to give the drink the preferred consistency, helps to burn fat. To vary every day and give our skin a hydration "booster", replace the red fruits with pineapple, pear with apple and combine 1/2 cucumber: all the ingredients are interchangeable at will!

5. Nourishing smoothie (lightly)

If at work we need to nourish our mind, without weighing down the body, let's prepare a smoothie of skim milk, apple (or pear), orange and cinnamon (or ginger). The doses are free and depend on personal taste, the milk can be added at room temperature or cold, depending on the season.

Tips for shopping

It is possible to transport our favorite smoothie to work while preserving its taste and organoleptic characteristics: just pour it into a convenient and practical stainless steel thermal bottle.

Cheerful and colorful, thermal flasks are the most functional, safe and hygienic way to take smoothies with you, because thanks to the hermetically sealed cap there is no danger of contamination of the contents or unwanted spills.

Also available in practical multiple packs (of 2, 4 or 25 bottles), which allow, thanks to the internal insulation, to keep at the right temperature all the smoothies that we want to prepare for us and for the rest of the family, but also

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