Official Denial of the live video of May 1st "Fornetto Pizza Linari Illillo"

Following requests from our frightened customers who asked for information on any releases of carcinogenic material by our ovens, after viewing the facebook video in object ( /? v = 170692538261958 & ref = watch_permalink ), where precise reference is made to "all manufacturers of ovens", since the number of brands and manufacturers is not so vast (the brands of manufacturers of these ovens are count on the fingers of one hand including ours), we are forced to publish this official denial and to respond to the passages of this video / live.

1) Minute 39.40 of the video

In this passage, the company in question states that no manufacturer verifies or checks its products with laboratory tests. Our company not only has all the certifications in order and up to standard but also carries out checks and laboratory tests for verification "at each production cycle" (and they are verified " BEFORE " to be put on the market ... not after). Therefore they are not checked once after a problem but "always" at each new production.

We attach certifications and test reports which have always been downloadable from our website and available to all our customers with maximum corporate transparency at this link, located on the product page . Because we too put our faces “but with facts not with words” & lt; / & gt; & lt; & gt; Looking at the site of the manufacturer who made this video we did not find the same customer service.

2) Minute 1 hour and 16.30

In this passage the company in question states that "all manufacturers of pizza ovens" have been notified of the problem of releasing materials from the resistance and that their oven, like that of all manufacturers, has this problem in common .

Nothing could be more false!

None of our customers has ever reported this problem on one of our original factory ovens, our ovens all have a double temperature safety control system (which is mandatory by European regulations for have CE certifications) which does not allow to exceed temperatures that could damage the materials of the resistances which, as is known, if they exceed certain temperatures, can damage the structure, create micro fractures, and only at this point release material.

Our ovens can therefore also remain on for hours or days at maximum power without this event occurring, because they are equipped with safety systems that protect against these damages and events.

Therefore, as they say "that their oven has the resistance in common with the other ovens" yes …… but maybe only that.

3) Minute 1 hour and 26.10

The company reiterates that "all pizza ovens have this problem and that they only discovered it after having detected it in their own, and that this is known on all ovens and therefore they are in good company"

NO as far as we are concerned it's all false! No customer of ours has ever reported this problem to us on original factory ovens, and no case of oven that releases materials from original components of our ovens has ever been taken over and disclosed to our company.

Sorry but ours is not, and will not be, good company in this case.

Our present denial was necessary to protect our image called into question being among "all the manufacturers of pizza ovens" that make up this market, our recognized seriousness and market image had to be protected, and will be pursued in all locations appropriate.

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