Double voltage food warmer 12-220 v

The dual-voltage food warmers are the most convenient solution for heating lunch in the car or at the desk thanks to the double socket included in the package. Do you need to have a healthy hot meal when you are forced out of the house for work or other commitments? With the comfortable and functional double voltage lunchbox warmer you will have the possibility to easily heat the dishes in the car or in the office. This is because the Spice lunchboxes are equipped with a dual power supply , a double voltage that allows them to be connected to the car cigarette lighter like a normal household electrical socket. Thanks to the dual voltage system, the lunchboxes can operate at 220 V and 12V . Discover all the solutions for transporting, storing, heating and eating a good meal away from home ... Take this product with you to school or to the office and enjoy home cooking in an ergonomic food container designed for your needs! #spice #home #school #office

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