Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation with the Latest Spice Innovations!

This year, Spice celebrates a decade of success in the world of professional cooking, a journey full of innovations and passion for quality. To commemorate this milestone, we are thrilled to announce the launch of revolutionary new products, designed to further enrich your passion for pizza.

Diavola Pro

1. Spice Diavola Pro Limited Edition - The Electric Pizza Oven That Will Revolutionize Your Kitchen

On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, we introduce the Spice Diavola Pro Limited Edition. This is not just a simple pizza oven; it is a feature-rich and innovative version of our famous Diavola Pro. We offer a limited edition both in quantity and time, ensuring unprecedented exclusivity. Get ready to discover new dimensions of taste with an oven that embodies the pinnacle of technology and convenience.

Emilia Pro

2. Spice Emilia Pro - The Spiral Mixer That Will Transform Every Dough

The novelty continues with the Spice Emilia Pro, a solid and powerful spiral mixer, designed to surprise you. Its innovative functions will allow you to manage your dough like never before, guaranteeing perfect and consistent results. Whether you are a pizza or bread making enthusiast or a pastry professional, Emilia Pro will be your new indispensable ally in the kitchen.

Habanero Pro

3. Spice Habanero Pro - Enter the World of Professional Ovens

And for the first time, we enter the professional oven sector with the Spice Habanero Pro, an electric high-chamber oven with exceptional performance. This exclusive model is designed to satisfy even the most demanding pizza chefs, guaranteeing uniform, high-quality cooking. Habanero Pro represents the future of professional ovens, combining innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

Launch Dates

Mark these dates on your calendar to not miss the launch of our innovative products:

Spice Diavola Pro Limited Edition: available from November 20 to December 20.

Spice Emilia Pro: coming October 20 to November 20.

Spice Habanero Pro: on the market from November 20 to December 20.

Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first to experience the excellence and innovation that only Spice can offer you.

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    • Domenico
    • 2024-05-03 11:16:14
    Qualche info in piu? Ottobre e Novembre sono molto lontani.. anche un info su wuello che potrebbero essere i prezzi ;)

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