Spice Diavola Pro V 2.0 Electric...
    Spice Diavola Pro V 2.0 Electric...
    Spice Diavola Pro V 2.0 Electric...
    Spice Diavola Pro V 2.0 Electric...
    Spice Diavola Pro V 2.0 Electric...
    Spice Diavola Pro V 2.0 Electric...

    Spice Diavola Pro V 2.0 Electric Pizza Oven Matt Black Refractory Stone + Aluminum Peel 35 cm

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    Set Diavola Pro V 2.0 pizza oven with refractory stone + 35 cm aluminum shovel 

    100% MADE IN ITALY design and patent 

    • Increased power 2000 w - Upper 1400 w - Lower 600 w
    • Automatic ventilation with ON/OFF from 150/200 degrees.
    • BOOST function heaters always on
    • Working temperatures 500 degrees C° at the stone 
    • Closed product dimensions: width. 36.5 cm - depth 41 cm - height. 27cm
    • Open product dimensions: width. 36.5 cm - depth 54 cm - height. 53cm
    • Cooking base diameter about 34 cm
    • Cordierite refractory stone with diam. about 34 cm thick 2 cm
    • The largest in its category
    • Dual cap cooling patent and forced ventilation
    • Resistance selector, upper, lower or both in cooking
    • Temperature regulation thermostat
    • Built-in thermometer
    • SUS 310S stainless steel shell specific for high temperatures
    • Power cable 150 cm .
    • Round pizza shovel (35 x 35 cm)

    Garanzia a domicilioPREMIUM SPICE WARRANTY: The product is covered by a PREMIUM 24 months WARRANTY, which includes FREE REPLACEMENT *.


    Spice Diavola Pro has a diameter of 36 cm and reaches a temperature of 500° thanks to the new patented made in Italy system.

    The second dissipating cap that creates an air cushion and the forced ventilation allow compliance with the maximum external temperatures without affecting the internal temperatures.

    The oven develops a power of 2000 w with circular resistance around the entire circumference.

    The powers are distributed in such a way as to facilitate the cooking of the ledge the upper element develops 1400 w while the lower one develops 600 w. It has a standard cordierite refractory stone hob with a diameter of approximately 34 cm and a thickness of approximately 2 cm.

    The new stone housing system allows it to be replaced independently without the need for disassembly with tools or screws (being interlocking in support)

    It has a SUS 310S stainless steel shell for high temperatures, it is equipped with an integrated thermometer for temperature control without the need to open the oven to check it, reducing temperature drops during cooking; it is also equipped with a resistance selector which allows you to choose the use according to your needs, excluding the lower or upper resistance or to use both.

    Matt Black color

    2-year Italy guarantee at home 

    Product 100% MADE IN ITALY design and patent

    • Temperature regulation thermostat
    • Integrated thermometer for temperature control
    • SUS 310S stainless steel shell specific for high temperatures
    • Booster function for maximum power
    • Made in china

    Round, Slotted Pizza Peel, ideal for gas ovens or ovens for domestic use.

    • Shovel completely in food-grade aluminium
    • Short handle with plastic grip
    • Pala dimensions 35x35 cm
    • Total length with handle 81 cm
    • Pizza peel made entirely of aluminum and slotted (perforated) on the entire surface.

    This round slotted aluminum pizza peel is ideal for the shape of the pizza to be baked in semi-professional domestic ovens, whether gas or electric.

    Endowed with high lightness and robustness, this aluminum pizza shovel is simple to use even for those who do not have much experience in using pizza shovels.

    The slotting (drilling) on the entire surface allows the excess flour present on the bottom of the pizza to be eliminated before it is placed in the oven. We recommend gently slamming the peel with the raw pizza loaded onto the workbench to let the flour fall through the slot holes just before putting it in the oven, thus avoiding that the bottom of the pizza burns inside the oven due to the flour still present on the bottom .

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