Pancakes at work: some tasty recipes

Tasty and different lunches even outside the home: ideas

Who says that at work you have to settle for a sandwich or a salad on the fly? With a little organization you can also enjoy something tasty and different from the usual, for example pancakes.

They are prepared quickly enough and can be kept for a few days, so they are an excellent resource not only for the classic "American" breakfast, but also for lunch away from home. In addition, they can be sweet or salty, we can stuff them to taste and eat them both at room temperature and slightly heated.

Pancake as an alternative to sandwich or sandwich at work

If we want to keep ourselves light (an almost indispensable condition when we are in full working activity), we can prepare pancakes following a light recipe that does not include butter among the ingredients.

Otherwise, if we need more energy, we can prepare "protein" pancakes, a food complete with all the macro-nutrients that the body requires to keep fit, but balanced and also ideal for those following a diet.

On the market, then, there are already dosed pancake mixes, to which you just need to add the liquids to quickly make these tall and soft "pancakes", which now come in a thousand versions, both sweet and savory.

We can prepare the pancakes in advance and, when they have cooled down, we can transfer them to a comfortable lunchbox to take them with us to work. We can consume them during the lunch break with your favorite filling, which we can place in one of the many compartments of the lunch kit.

4 pancake fillings at work: how and what to prepare

To prepare 8 pancakes, 200 g of flour and 250 ml of milk are enough: to these basic ingredients you can add sugar, if you want them to be sweet, but also eggs, butter and everything you like best, adding it to the inside the dough.

Pancakes can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days, but they can also be frozen and kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

But who can resist all this time before eating them? There are so many alternatives to enjoy them, you will be spoiled for choice!

Without prejudice to the classic recipe that involves eating pancakes with a maple syrup topping, there is the possibility of varying them by preparing them with sweet or savory ingredients: let's see, therefore, some suggestions to keep in mind.

  1. Pancakes with chocolate and cinnamon: very fragrant and delicious, they can also be prepared in a vegan version, using wholemeal flour and eliminating the butter and eggs. They will still be delicious because, especially if slightly heated, the chocolate will give them taste and aroma.
  2. Savory pancakes with zucchini: they are the passe-par-tout that solves every lunch at work, because they can be alternated with those accompanied by red pumpkin, spinach, broad beans, asparagus and any other stir-fried vegetables. Tasty and light, they should be cooled for a few minutes in the food warmer and then enjoyed with your favorite vegetables next to them and a spoonful of stracchino or robiola cheese.
  3. Salmon protein pancakes: perfect garnished with capers and sour cream, they have a rich dough that includes the addition of eggs and spreadable cheese. If you choose smoked salmon, there is no need to heat them: very practical and delicious even cold!
  4. Light pancakes: not containing eggs, the dough will be equally soft, but it will be more delicate. Just sprinkle them with icing sugar and garnish them with fresh fruit or, for an energy booster, alternate them with layers of custard.

Tips for shopping

We can prepare the pancakes in advance to enjoy them whenever we want: just leave them 1 minute in the microwave to have them immediately fragrant and soft as freshly made.

If we want to take them with us to work, we can put them inside a practical lunch kit, equipped with separate trays capable of holding the different fillings or a bottle with your favorite topping.

What if we want to reheat pancakes? No problem: just leave them for a few minutes in the warmer contained in the lunch box, which can also be used in the car thanks to the dual voltage and can even be programmed by simply setting the timer just before lunch time.

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