The nanotechnological mask that repels the virus: Total Defense

It is a treatment that is applied to type I masks which makes the surface super hydrophobic and therefore the virus "slides" on it in 99% of cases. If the droplets still cling to the surface, 99.2% of them are destroyed in 6 hours. It looks like any mask but the treatment to which it has been subjected makes it a hostile ground for the Corona Virus. In practice, viruses and bacteria slip while another component damages the RNA. Let's talk about the TOTAL DEFENSE masks .

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Everything starts from a study, a research on the behavior of the virus on surfaces, in particular how it behaves on fabrics. The goal was to obtain a super hydro oil phobic treatment capable of repelling droplets containing the Virus.

The result is a mask certified by the Higher Institute of Health and is already in use in various realities from universities to civil protection.

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