The best accessories to enrich your experience with pizza ovens

If you are a pizza aficionado and are lucky enough to own a gas or clamshell pizza oven, you already know how rewarding it is to prepare and enjoy a delicious homemade pizza. But do you know which accessories can further improve your cooking experience with your gas pizza oven? Below, we will present you a selection of the best accessories available on the shop, which will help you to obtain perfect pizzas, with a crunchy and tasty crust. From the practical pizza shovel to the versatile pizza peel, from the comfortable apron to the fundamental refractory stone and the traditional clay biscuit, discover how these accessories can make the difference in your path towards pizza perfection.

Pizza shovel:

The pizza shovel is an essential tool for transferring the pizza to the oven or oven with ease and safety. Available in different sizes and materials such as wood or metal, the quality pizza shovel allows you to slide the pizza smoothly on the refractory stone or on the oven rack. Make sure you choose a shovel with a long handle to protect yourself from the intense heat while cooking.

Pizza paddle:

The pizza paddle, like the pizza shovel, is a versatile and indispensable tool for working pizza in the oven. Thanks to Palino Spice it is possible to verify the cooking of the pizza by lifting the bottom of the pizza (checking that it does not burn), and to take the pizza out of the oven when cooked.

Small Pizza paddle:

Making pizza can be a fun and creative activity, but it can also lead to a little mess. Wearing an apron specially designed for the kitchen helps protect your clothes from any splashes of sauce, flour or oil during preparation. Opt for a resistant, adjustable and waterproof apron that allows you to cook without worrying about stains and makes you feel like a real professional pizza chef.

Refractory stone:

The refractory stone is one of the most important accessories for obtaining a pizza with a crispy crust and well cooked in a gas pizza oven. This special cooking surface absorbs and distributes heat evenly, allowing you to cook your pizza optimally. Choose a refractory stone of the right size for your oven and follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct use and easy cleaning. The refractory stone will allow you to obtain uniform cooking and a slightly crunchy base, just like in the best Italian restaurant.

Clay Cookie:

The clay biscuit, also known as "cotto", is a traditional and very useful element in cooking pizza. Placed on the bottom of the gas oven, the clay biscuit helps to retain the heat and ensure that the pizza is cooked evenly and crispy. It also absorbs excess moisture, helping to achieve a perfectly golden base. Make sure you check the size of the clay cookie against your oven's specifications and position it correctly for an excellent result.

Purchase the best pizza oven accessories at Spice

By adding these accessories to your gas pizza oven set, you will be able to significantly improve your cooking experience and obtain pizzaiolo quality results. The pizza peel and paddle will help you handle the dough precisely, while the apron will protect you during preparation. The refractory stone and clay biscuit will ensure uniform cooking and a crispy crust that will make your pizza irresistible. Choose high-quality accessories that suit your needs and allow yourself to explore new recipes and combinations of ingredients to delight yourself and your guests.

Don't let the lack of accessories limit you in achieving pizza perfection. Buy the best accessories for your gas pizza oven and transform your kitchen into a real pizzeria. Now you have all the tools you need to create gourmet pizzas straight from your gas oven. Have fun and bon appetit!

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