Accessories and spare parts for food warmers

The food warmers, by their nature, are used on 1000 different occasions and every day of the year (think of lunch in the office, holidays ...). It goes without saying that the appliance must be well made, that is, it must be resistant, functional ... and above all certified with regard to food provisions. This does not mean that despite the fact that Spice food warmers are clearly superior to those of competitors for design specifications, it is sometimes necessary to buy spare parts for the parts most subject to wear. Particular reference is made to the shut-off valves, the power cables and the hermetic heels of the devices.

At the same time it is also specified that it is possible to purchase additional accessories (such as stainless steel trays for example) that allow a more dynamic use of the appliance. In Spice we have foreseen all this and consequently we offer the most requested and most useful accessories for food warmers in order to fully enjoy the performance of the appliance.

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