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Spice Caliente 1200w pizza oven set +...
Set 3x1 Oven Pizza Spice Caliente ✓ Recipe book ✓ 2 Aluminum stirrers -
Set 3x1 Oven Pizza Spice Caliente ✓ Recipe book ✓ 2 Aluminum stirrers -
Spice Caliente 1200w pizza oven set +...
Spice Caliente 1200w pizza oven set +...
Spice Caliente 1200w pizza oven set +...
Set 3x1 Oven Pizza Spice Caliente ✓ Recipe book ✓ 2 Aluminum stirrers -
Set 3x1 Oven Pizza Spice Caliente ✓ Recipe book ✓ 2 Aluminum stirrers -

Spice Caliente 1200w pizza oven set + Pizza Recipe Book + 2 Aluminum Palettes + Total Defense Mask

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Set 4x1 electric pizza oven - Scoops - Pizza recipe book - Total Defense mask

This 4-in-1 product pack includes:

  • Caliente Pizza Oven
  • Set of 2 aluminum pallets
  • Pani Calzoni Pizzas Cookbook
  • Unique Total Defense Mask

Garanzia a domicilioPREMIUM SPICE WARRANTY:The product is covered by a PREMIUM 24 months WARRANTY, which includes FREE REPLACEMENT *.

SET Pack 4 in 1

1. Special electric oven for pizza: Sspice Caliente is designed and built with a cooking surface in pure refractory stone (diameter 32cm) to obtain the result of cooking pizza at home with the same stone as the wood oven. It cooks any type of pizza, calzone, etc. in just 5 minutes. It does not smoke or smells. Equipped with temperature regulation thermostat, stainless steel inner shell, indicator light and recipe book. The CALIENTE Pizza oven by SPICE is not only special for pizza but also cooks any food in an "express" way such as pies, meat, toast, chestnuts etc ... (making sure to use an aluminum tray to prevent the stone refractory gets dirty) just like a traditional electric oven. It is fast and compact; it cooks a pizza in 5 minutes and a frozen pizza in 3 minutes, allowing for significant energy savings compared to traditional ovens. The refractory stone is the same as in the wood-fired ovens of pizzerias: it absorbs the humidity of the pizza dough, the pizza does not stick and is more fragrant. Power 1200W.

2. Recipe book: The pizza has conquered us, as it has conquered the whole world, from adults to children, at all times of the day. So we thought and created a path, starting from classic pizzas, such as the very famous "margherita" or the delicious "4 seasons", through the satisfaction of more traditional tastes, using fillings with ingredients that everyone likes and arriving at innovative combinations. leavened dough we have come to bread, savory pies and focaccia, giving free rein to our gastronomic fantasies and curiosities, with simple but tasty recipes. Quadò editions

3. Set of 2 Scoops: Aluminum Scoops with a diameter of 30 cm

4. Total Defense Mask: Spice presents the new Total Defense - Type IIR face mask for medical use, washable, non-sterile, composed of three layers of cotton / TNT / polyester, equipped with elastic and rubber rings to adapt the adherence to the face. Made in Italy

The mask is intended for use by patients and other people or users, in order to reduce the risk of spreading infections, particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations.

Total Defense treatment : The Spice by UNICA mask is distinguished by the innovative nanotechnological surface coating capable of preventing the adhesion of droplets, fatty and / or protein substances (such as those of viruses and bacteria), on the surface of the fabric. Super hydro-oleophobic treatment, capable of nanostructuring tissue fibers, containing ROS.Reactive Oxygen Species (they inhibit the Virus by damaging its membrane, proteins and its DBA / RNA.

UNICA TD is active 24 hours a day against bacteria and viruses, thanks to the action of highly oxidizing substances that render inactive the pathogens coming from the external environment and / or contained in the droplets of contaminated patients.

The presence of highly oxidizing substances makes the fabric with ANTIVIRUS characteristics on a SARS-Cov-2 viral strain according to ISO 18184: 2019 "TEXTILE - Determination of antiviral activity of textile product".

The test was carried out at the ACCREDIA accredited laboratory (Italian accreditation body) on 23 September 2020. The result gave an excellent result, leading to destruction of 99.2% of the inoculated product after 6 hours.

Protection and Comfort: UNICA TD is created to achieve the maximum degree of filtration and resistance while maintaining maximum breathability. Its shape is designed to facilitate breathing, thanks to an air chamber that forms between the face and the mask. The O-Rings inserted in the elastics, allow you to adjust the length of the same, to adapt the mask perfectly to your face.

Care Instructions: Device reusable up to 20 times after hand washing.

Composition: composed of several filter layers. inner layer in hypoallergenic cotton. intermediate layer in high filtration TNT composed in turn of 3 layers. Outer layer in Polyester


  • Antiviral defense certified uni 18184: 2019 standard
  • Classification: Type IIR Medical Device EN 14683: 2019
  • Total defense treatment : Protection against viruses and bacteria
  • High Filtration> 98%
  • Excellent breathability
  • Washable up to 20 times
  • adjustable elastics
  • Ergonomic
  • Adult size

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Le pizze vengono cotte meglio che in pizzeria, base refrattaria ottima. Ottimo acquisto, sono davvero soddisfatta. Grazie🤗

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