Savory waffle: creativity and taste at lunchtime

Creative and tasty lunches even outside the home: ideas

The daily routine of lunch at work requires some variations and you just need to organize yourself to prepare and enjoy something good, as an alternative to the classic choices of sandwiches or salads. For example, we can turn the lunch break into a delicious brunch by adding some salty waffles to the menu.

The best known version of the Belgian waffle is the sweet one, but this delicious wafer can be a perfect single dish: just fill it with ingredients of your choice and eat it, even outside the home or in the office, both at room temperature and just heated.

Savory waffles as an alternative to sandwich or sandwich at work

Savory waffles can really be declined in a thousand versions, because they are easy to prepare and very versatile: perfect for a breakfast with an "energizing" effect, they are ideal for a practical brunch at the desk, but also for an aperitif with friends, a cocktail in terrace or an informal dinner that will surprise our guests.

It will be enough to change some of the "basic" ingredients to transform the classic waffle into a delicious unconventional variant: we put salt instead of sugar and add pepper, spices or aromatic herbs, to always obtain a tasty and original result.

Savory waffles perfectly replace sandwich bread and pizza: their honeycomb shape makes them visually appealing, while perfectly accommodating all kinds of toppings.

By preparing them in advance and letting them cool, we can take them with us to work to consume them during the lunch break, conveniently stored in one of the many compartments of a practical lunchbox.

How to prepare the salty waffle and enjoy it at work: 4 hot and cold fillings

For 12 waffles, prepared in our kitchen, we will need:

350 g of flour 00

2 eggs

100 ml of water

150 ml of milk

20 ml of extra virgin olive oil

8 g of yeast for pies

salt (and black pepper or other spices, according to taste).

By mixing all the ingredients with a whisk in a bowl with high edges, we will obtain a soft and fluid mixture: pour a small ladle into each compartment of the special pre-heated plate and in 5 minutes we will obtain the first golden waffles with crunchy edges. .

In the absence of the specific plate, we can also bake the waffles in the oven, in a pan with separate sectors: they will not have the classic "honeycomb" shape, but we can be sure that the taste will remain unchanged.

Once they have cooled down, all that remains is to fill them: below, four recipes to make our waffles truly irresistible.

1. Salmon and dill waffles

Just a thin layer of Greek yogurt (flavored with salt, pepper and dill) and a slice of smoked salmon, for a waffle to be enjoyed cold on any occasion: at work in the lunch break, but also as a tasty aperitif or during a summer dinner.

2. Sundried tomato and cheese waffles

If we like the stringy filling, we lightly heat the waffle in "sandwich version", stuffed with slices of cheese and the special touch of dried tomatoes, which will give the dish the right flavor.

3. Mushroom and ham waffle

The aroma of mushrooms goes perfectly with the taste of ham: for a hot version, we choose cooked, while raw ham will be ideal for a waffle to be enjoyed at room temperature.

4. Waffle light

Even if we are on a diet, we can treat ourselves to a tasty salty waffle, stuffed with grilled zucchini, sliced ​​cheese or roasted turkey, to be drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and flavored with spices to taste: taste and energy without sacrificing!

Tips for shopping

For a creative and tasty lunch even outside the home we need little time and a lot of imagination: just prepare the savory waffles in advance and take them with us in a practical lunch kit, equipped with separate trays to contain the different fillings.

What if we want to enjoy hot waffles? No problem: just set the timer of the electric food warmer for lunch time and in a few minutes they will be crunchy and tasty, as freshly made.

Even if we are traveling, the double voltage of the food warmer contained in the lunchbox will allow us to connect the device to the vehicle's cigarette lighter, for a personalized lunch break that is always immediately available.

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