Piedmontese pan-fried pizza: the recipe

Here we are with a new recipe: pizza al tegamino, a Piedmontese variant of the beloved Italian pizza. In this gastronomic insight you will discover what pizza in a pan is, how it is prepared in Piedmont and, finally, how to cook perfect pizzas like in a pizzeria in a few minutes with pizza ovens.

Each region has its own pizza

Our peninsula is made up of a wonderful mix of cultures, languages ​​and folklore that are also expressed through culinary habits. And in what better dish, if not pizza, can so much variety be best translated? In Italy there is one for every taste and each region has its own, prepared and stuffed with the best of its local products. Here we will dedicate ourselves to discovering the recipe for pizza in a pan, as the best Piedmontese tradition dictates.

First of all, the presentations: this pizza, called al tegamino or "al pan", owes its name to the fact that it is cooked in the oven in a special well oiled pan, which is why the edges acquire a crunchy and almost fried appearance. . But to talk about a pizza we always start from its dough which is the fundamental ingredient. Without a successful dough, there is no pizza that holds. So, the pan pizza is prepared with a double leavening dough, which during cooking remains soft and fluffy inside, in contrast with the bottom and edges that are well cooked and golden.

Ingredients of Piedmontese pan-fried pizza

For the Piedmontese, going to eat a pizza can mean two things, so it is always necessary to specify: Neapolitan pizza (so-called brick) or pan-fried? In the last decade, the local variant of pizza has enjoyed a sort of rediscovery and has returned to depopulate with new attention and a new love for ingredients, which must absolutely be of the highest quality. Which ones are they? Nothing more obvious: tomato (puree or crushed peeled tomatoes), oregano and mozzarella. We know that in the end the simple things are also the best. However if you want precise doses, here they are:

  • 500 g flour
  • 350 water
  • yeast 6 g
  • salt 10 g
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • tomato to taste
  • mozzarella cheese
  • a sprinkle of oregano

How to prepare Piedmontese pan-fried pizza

The basic dough does not differ much from that of any other pizza, so after creating the dough with water, flour, salt and yeast, let it rest in a bowl covered with plastic wrap until it has doubled in volume. Then you can proceed with the processing: put the dough on a surface, cut it into 4 (without kneading) and start making the folds on each part until the ball has incorporated air and will be nice smooth and round. Let the doughs rise again and then roll out the dough into well oiled pans (20-25 cm diameter) and spread the tomato. Wait about half an hour before adding the mozzarella and oregano. At this point you can put it in the oven and cook for about 25 minutes.

Use Spice home ovens to bake and enjoy your favorite pizza

In the Piedmontese variant, the cooking of pizza with the addition of the pan was probably invented to try to speed up cooking times as much as possible and to be able to serve a large number of customers more quickly.

But today it is easy to maximize times through the use of pizza ovens, specialized in cooking pizza perfectly in just 5 minutes, just like in a pizzeria. For home use, with results that will amaze even the most traditional pizza chefs, the Spice Caliente oven is recommended, but also the Diavola Pro and Diavola 16. All three can guarantee excellent and super fast cooking: a chef's combination. Spice ovens are designed to ensure maximum performance and at the same time be practical, even as a safe ally in the success of dinners, lunches and gatherings with friends.

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