Pasta salads to take to the beach: recipes

Eat on the beach

Having lunch on the seashore is a fun and satisfying experience, especially if we decide to prepare a cold pasta in advance, ready to taste: the pasta salad is the ideal dish for trips to the beach, because it is light, tasty, colorful and appetizing.

In addition, there are many different versions, which we can customize by adding favorite ingredients and those most appreciated by children.

Ideas, creativity and taste under the umbrella

Recipes for the beach must be light but attractive, also visually: therefore colored and correctly stored.

For this reason, we must not underestimate the importance of the container for transporting the cold pasta salad to be enjoyed by the sea: the safety of storage is guaranteed by the special lunch boxes, designed to contain the dishes and made with certified materials for food.

The lunch kits in which the lunch boxes are included are well structured, designed to be multifunctional, complete with everything needed for a lunch on the beach, including cutlery and a water bottle, which keeps our favorite drink at the right temperature. All easily transportable inside a cooler bag, equipped with numerous and convenient compartments.

Here are four ideas of cold pasta to enjoy under an umbrella, delicious, healthy and also easy to prepare and carry. Just choose your favorite pasta shape: fusilli, farfalle, penne rigate, tortiglioni ... but if we want to make a special and original dish, we use the reginette, a long or semi-long pasta, versatile and captivating, perfect seasoned. with the sauce, but to be discovered in salads.

4 quick and tasty summer recipes based on cold pasta

Flavored with tuna, peppers and potatoes

A trio of flavors in harmony for a balanced and slightly savory pasta salad, perfect to be enjoyed cold. Let's start by cooking 250 g of short pasta (al dente), then drain it and let it cool in a bowl, seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Meanwhile, peel and chop a 300-gram yellow-fleshed potato, then boil it in salted water; in the meantime, cut a yellow pepper into strips and toss it in a pan with half a thinly sliced ​​yellow onion. Then, add the potato chunks, turn off the heat and leave the vegetables to flavor for a few minutes.

Drain the canned tuna, add it to the pasta and season with salt and pepper; finally, pour the browned vegetables into the bowl and perfume the dish with fresh basil leaves.

Gourmet with salmon and zucchini

If we want to amaze our friends and family by offering them a lunch that is much more than a "simple" pasta salad, we prepare the reginette with salmon and green zucchini, a tasty, fresh and light single dish, perfect for hot weather and for be enjoyed by the sea.

We boil 300 g of reginette and, while the pasta is cooking, prepare the sauce: cut 200 g of smoked salmon into strips and put it in a bowl with a drizzle of oil, a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice, chopped parsley and (a pleasure), freshly ground black pepper. Cut the zucchini into chunks and quickly brown them in a pan with a clove of garlic, add them to the pasta and salmon, season with salt and add another drizzle of oil if necessary.

Fresh vegetable garden

Cold pasta with vegetables will appeal especially to those who adopt a vegetarian diet but do not give up the taste of grilled vegetables, such as aubergines, peppers, courgettes, carrots and the savory taste of green and black olives, all colorful and flavored. from "Pachino" tomatoes without seeds and cut in half.

A semi-raw salad, which we can enrich with flakes of Parmesan cheese or cubes of fresh or spicy cheese, as desired. We will prepare it the evening before the trip to the sea and, only the next morning, we will proceed to season it with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Nutritious with chicken

Finally, if we want a real single dish, we prepare the pasta salad by adding a chicken breast cut into strips or chunks and browned in a pan with a spring onion and some halved cherry tomatoes. We combine everything with 300 g of short pasta, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper. To taste, add a handful of sliced ​​green olives and flavor with a few leaves of fresh oregano.

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