Christmas cookies with the planetary mixer

Christmas, gifts and sweets

The scent of freshly baked desserts is enough to evoke the festive atmosphere: colorful and decorated cakes, reassuring candied donuts, crunchy nougat and lots of stuffed or glazed biscuits. They can be enjoyed with tea or hot chocolate, or hung on the tree and - why not - even as a gift, packaged in a beautiful golden box garnished with a lively and shiny ribbon.

Christmas desserts are a thousand and more than a thousand, every country in the world has its own traditional desserts, even better if they are homemade: just follow your tastes, use a little imagination and get help from the right tools, which speed up the preparation, leaving us the pleasure of creating.

Christmas sweets: buy them or prepare them at home?

The memory of homemade desserts for Christmas is one of those that most unites everyone: from the simplest to the most elaborate, what really matters is that they are prepared to be tasted, offered, shared, delighting a little for the success and satisfaction.

Traditional recipes are proposed every year in each of the regions of our country: from the Neapolitan struffoli to the Ligurian pandolce, to the Apulian cartellate, from the Sicilian buccellato to the irresistible 'crispelle', declined in a hundred ways: with ricotta, with anchovies, with honey, with sugar and the inevitable cinnamon ...

And why not dare to prepare a panettone or a pandoro in our kitchen, the "symbol" sweets of Italian Christmas? With the planetary mixer, you can!

Just follow the instructions, pour in the ingredients dictated by the recipe and let the whips do the most demanding work, mixing the mixture flawlessly, with the certainty that the best result will always be guaranteed.

How to make Christmas cookies

Among the many alternatives, we suggest a recipe for 'passe-par-tout' biscuits to be prepared using the planetary mixer: you can enjoy them even if only decorated with icing sugar, or consider them as a base from which to start, and then melt the reins. to creativity, decorating them as desired.

To make these cookies, you will need:

• 300 g of flour 00;

• 200 g of granulated sugar (or cane, if you like);

• 3 egg yolks (do not worry about the separated egg whites, with them we can make delicious meringues!);

• 100 g of butter (or 80 g of sunflower oil);

• the grated rind of a lemon;

• a sachet of vanilla yeast.

The preparation? Nothing could be easier: in the bowl of the mixer, pour the diced butter, flour, lemon zest in sequence and blend until you get a sandy shortcrust pastry. Then, add the egg yolks (one at a time), the sugar and, finally, the yeast.

At this point, your precious assistant will have made a soft and elastic dough that you will take from the bowl, wrap in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for about half an hour.

From this moment on, just unleash your creativity to give shape to the biscuits, rolling out the dough on the floured work surface and cutting it into your favorite shapes. They will go in a static oven at 180 ° C (or, if ventilated, at 160 ° C) for 10/12 minutes, in any case until they are golden brown.

After having taken them out of the oven and left to cool, these delicious shortbread biscuits can also be enriched with sprigs of currant, covered with a flavored chocolate or sugar glaze and embellished with Christmas-themed decorations.

Better and faster desserts with the mixer

Whether for passion, hobby or work, the preparation of desserts is a pleasant activity that, however, requires time and attention.

Following the doses, in the realization of a dessert, is essential to its success, because pastry is like mathematics: an exact science.

For this reason, using the right tools for the preparation of sweets is essential and also becomes a way to simplify your life: a planetary mixer, for example, does the heaviest work and, thanks to the use of whips for each type of dough, amalgamates any type of compound to perfection.

In addition, a planetary mixer can become a multifunctional tool, when it is equipped with accessories for pulling the dough sheet or for mincing meat, replacing other small appliances. Not only a precious helper for every day of the year, therefore, but also the simplest and fastest way to prepare "all-round" Christmas lunch.

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