5 aromatic waters to quench your thirst: preparation

Hydration at the sea / under the umbrella

Summer is a time for holidays, often spent on the beach, in the sun and by the sea. To ensure a state of total well-being, it is not enough to measure the hours spent getting tanned, but we need to think about the hydration of our body, nourishing properly and drinking properly.

Always having a good supply of fresh water on hand is the ideal way to replenish the liquids lost with sweating: let's remember to "spread" throughout the day the amount of water to take and, why no, to add some ingredients to the water that make it even more precious.

Refreshing and thirst-quenching drinks between dips and sunbathing

Aromatic water is one of those solutions that are as simple to make as they are functional: the basic idea aims to "flavor" the water, adding taste and perfume to the drink which, in itself, is the best way to quench your thirst on the beach.

Just choose your favorite fruits or aromas and leave them to infuse in a container full of water, for a few hours or overnight, even in the refrigerator: the result will be a drink rich in purifying or energizing properties, depending on the ingredient we will have added.

And taking it with us to the sea will be easy if we choose to pour it into a convenient thermal bottle , made in many fun colors and equipped with an internal insulation system that keeps the temperature of our flavored water unchanged.

Here are some suggestions for making 5 delicious aromatic waters to quench your thirst, to be sipped by the sea and perfect for restoring the body's right degree of hydration even in very hot conditions.

5 aromatic waters to quench your thirst to prepare at home

Aromatic waters, also called with the Anglo-Saxon term "infused waters", referring to the method with which they are made, can be prepared quite easily even at home. Just follow a few simple steps, which allow you to obtain an optimal result of taste and functionality.

Fresh water with berries

By adding 100 g of fresh blueberries, blackberries, currants or raspberries to a liter of water and leaving it to infuse overnight in the refrigerator, we will obtain a sweet flavored water rich in all the beneficial and purifying properties of these fruits.

For an even stronger flavor and an irresistible color, we also add a few slices of blood orange.

Fresh water with mint, lemon and cucumber

A concentrate of flavor, thirst-quenching and balanced, thanks to the intensity of the lemon (2/3 slices), the delicacy of the cucumber (3/4 slices) and the freshness of the mint leaves, in quantities to add as desired.

Purifying and thirst-quenching, this aromatic water can acquire a more delicate taste, replacing the mint with a sprig of rosemary or thyme.

Exotic pineapple water

Rosemary goes very well with pineapple: a new and apparently risky combination, which instead offers a result with a sweet taste and digestive and detoxifying properties. By adding a few slices of lime, we will obtain an even more fragrant aromatic water rich in antioxidants, precious for skin exposed to the sun.

Watermelon refreshing water

It's not summer without watermelon, the freshest and lightest fruit that exists, also perfect for preparing a very delicate and moisturizing flavored water.

Cut the watermelon into slices and put them in a jug filled with water, adding a few mint leaves and the juice of half a lime to taste; for an even more surprising taste, replace the mint with fresh basil.

Aromatic fruit water

We choose our favorite fruit to make an aromatic water that has the scent we like best: apricots, peaches, black cherries, strawberries are fine, but also apples in combination with a cinnamon stick. < / p>

In addition to acquiring the taste of the fruit infused, this aromatic water will also contain some of its beneficial properties, so it will not only be thirst-quenching and satisfying, but also very healthy.

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