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Safe meals away from home is the article published by AdnKronos about the changing habits of Italians during their lunch break.

The restrictions useful for the protection of our health in the workplace as well as at school are the topic of the moment, a situation that could continue for many months due to the evolution of the COVID pandemic and the consequent government decrees. / p>

To stop the inconvenience and maintain an efficient level of hygiene, it is important to take all the necessary precautions: this applies to children who attend school as well as adults in the workplace.

Food warmer for schools and lunch kit for the office

Electric food warmers , Thermal food carriers and Steel bottles are the choice of millions of Italians who do not want to give up a complete and healthy meal outside the home. Also for the school, these small appliances lend themselves to being a valid alternative to the school canteen as they comply 100% with the regulations in force in terms of spacing / hygiene. It should be emphasized that SPICE products are CE certified for food use , therefore suitable for such use even for the weakest age groups.

"... many parents who bought their children's lunch and snack kits at school. Only in the last two months, that is, those that preceded the beginning of the school year, requests for numerous purchases have also come from schools in northern Italy in order to make up for the missing canteen service. Many purchase requests are justified by the high quality of the materials with which the products are made ... "


https://www.adnkronos.com/immediapress/igianato-e-finanza/2020/09/18/pasti-fuori-casa-tutta-sicurezza-come-sono-cambiate-abitudine-degli-italiani-pausa -lunch-post-covid_2k6FU3BSXstjIhNoiq7YxO.html

https://www.newpharmaitaly.it/pasti-fuori-casa-in-tutta-sicurezza-come-sono-cambiate-le-abitudine-degli-italiani-in-pausa-pranzo-post-covid/ < / p>


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