Diavola 16 pizza oven: a Green project

The impact of "expensive energy" on the production and consumption of food

The surge in energy prices has negatively affected industrial and corporate activity, forcing companies to increasingly revise their forecast budgets. But that's not all: the progressive increases continue to inevitably affect the choices of consumers as well, fueling the trend towards a progressive decline in purchases.

It is estimated that, currently, the impact of 'expensive energy' on household spending is around 6 billion, with a growth margin that, almost certainly, will be increasing: in our country, the most evident consequence of this situation it will be a slowdown in both industrial production and consumption.

The first, immediate measure to be adopted to cope with the rise in energy costs can only consist in avoiding waste as much as possible: therefore more and more behaviors capable of triggering a virtuous circle and, during the purchase, further attention higher than prices.

An eye on the green: functional and low-consumption solutions

The energy issue can be rationally addressed with traditional systems, but we cannot ignore how much today the emotional wave of eco-sustainability is particularly felt - and shared.

"Smart" devices that save time and money, equipped with an increased functionality that allows their use in respect of the environment, capable of reducing emissions and consumption, are now considered the solutions that best fit into the new scenarios, inspired by increasingly 'green friendly' choices.

It becomes essential to use resources consciously and to choose technologically advanced models of energy-saving appliances that allow savings while guaranteeing excellent performance.

After all, it is a fact: the more efficient a device is, the more convenient and cheaper it will be to use.

The design of the 'Diavola 16' oven

The crisis in the energy sector and the continuous increases in fuel and energy prices have pushed our company to create and place on the market the 'Diavola 16' gas oven (here all the details of the gas oven), considering all the variables that affect the functionality of a new product capable of cooking a pizza in just 90 seconds.

During the design phase, our designers and our laboratories worked in synergy, paying particular attention to the technical characteristics of the Spice 'Diavola 16' oven and paying special attention to a technical detail of fundamental importance: the new oven should have developed a power suitable for perfect cooking pizza despite having low consumption, inspired by the need for energy saving.

An objective achieved if we consider that, despite 'Diavola 16' being able to develop an internal temperature of 500 ° C, its consumption of LPG gas is limited to only 372 grams per hour: for example, with a normal cylinder from 10 kilograms you will have up to 27 hours of use of the gas oven, at maximum power.

In addition, thanks to the lid accessory (available separately), the cooking chamber heating times are significantly reduced, reaching the maximum temperature in just 15 minutes.

Built with excellent quality materials, 'Diavola 16' is part of a green project: it has a structure made entirely of 304 stainless steel (certified for food use), while the cooking chamber is in precious 310 / s steel, guaranteed to resist at very high thermal stresses, without undergoing structural changes and without releasing toxic substances.

All with a low selling price and management costs among the most convenient in the sector of domestic gas ovens for pizza: perfectly in line with the corporate mission of Spice Electronics, which has always referred to offering excellent quality, innovative and guaranteed products. from a service that is attentive to the needs and satisfaction of the consumer.

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