Weekend by the sea? Here's how to get organized

First day at sea, finally

With the beautiful season there is nothing better than organizing a day at the beach. Everyone loves to enjoy the sun and the pleasant breeze that can be appreciated along the coast. Whether it's an entire weekend or just an opportunity to eat by the sea, organizing a trip out of town is always a special occasion. The thing to do is to organize all the details well so as to have a planning of what you want to bring, recipes to prepare , useful accessories for the sea .

Having lunch on the beach is an unrepeatable experience, there are those who choose the classic sandwich and those who instead structure real meals from appetizers to desserts. In any case, the essential thing to enjoy the day is to have all the appropriate tools, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises that can disturb an opportunity for leisure and above all to ensure maximum relaxation and carefree for everyone.

I prepare everything at home or we organize on the spot (to eat)

The question that plagues everyone is: do we bring food from home or do we do it directly on site? Obviously there are many things to consider, first of all the cost. Bringing everything from home allows you to cook even very succulent dishes but basically reduce the final expense. When you buy ready-made products on site, it is clear that the final figure rises and even a lot, especially if there are entire families having to eat. Another thing concerns the beauty of enjoying a totally personalized meal, with homemade dishes of great quality and fresh.

When organizing a trip all together in this way it is also possible to take care of everyone's tastes, taking into account intolerances, preferences, allergies and even specific diets such as those who follow a diet, who is vegan, some vegetarian. So the ideal, especially if you travel with others, is to organize everything at home and bring the food directly with you.

What to pack: how to best organize yourself

For those planning a weekend at the beach but also for those who just want to take a few hours trip, there are some products to consider and don't forget to pack : at least 2 costumes ( better always consider a replacement for any eventuality), complete with shorts and t-shirt and alternatively a cover-up, a windbreaker, sunglasses, hat to protect yourself, flip-flops or sandals, sun and after-sun, a beach towel. If you have small children, even age-appropriate games.

Those who are planning a trip for the weekend must also think about a couple of changes, underwear, a bag, something elegant to go out in the evening, bathroom products, some basic medicine for first aid as after puncture and tachipirina. If you go on a trip you must also consider that to organize the day at the beach you have to think about eating, then bring everything you need with relative containers, cutlery, bags, napkins, a large tablecloth that can be locked laterally so as to remain firmly on the sand and then glasses, bottle openers, soft drinks and beverages.

Packed lunch with Spice Lunch Kits

Buying a lunch box is ideal for have everything you need to organize a lunch by the sea. Spice electronics kits come in various price ranges and have everything you need, from food rack to cutlery up to the thermal bottle and transport bag. With the different sizes available you can choose what you prefer, there are also heating products that allow you to have a hot meal directly on the beach , perfect when there are small children. The containers are very capacious but also light and well structured reaching 22 liters , with different compartments for each type of food. This way you can organize everything you need for your carefree trip.

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