Transporting food to work: how to optimize space

When you spend most of your day away from home for work reasons , it often happens that you have to settle for a quick meal, eaten in a hurry or, worse, without the possibility of changing.

We are therefore satisfied with a cold dish or a sandwich, stuffed with more or less light ingredients, but which almost always do not represent the ideal response to the needs of a balanced diet , especially if you follow a diet or have special dietary needs.

However, there are some simple and easily implemented strategies that allow us to solve the problem of eating away from home without resorting to unhealthy solutions and without weighing ourselves down with overly processed foods.

In fact, it is enough to prepare meals in advance to take with you to work and store them in containers for transport , reliable and complete with everything you need to have lunch outside the home in absolute comfort.

1. The importance of eating outside the home

Planning meals to eat at work proves to be an excellent strategy to save on expenses, but not only: it allows us above all to satisfy our dietary needs, whether we follow a diet or not.

Sometimes it can be pleasant to go out for lunch out , also to physically "disconnect" from the work environment and take a real break. To do this, just go to a nearby bar, restaurant or fast food restaurant and enjoy a hot dish or sandwich.

All very fair, but just as impractical in the long run. The fast food solution can be taken, in fact, as an exception, a leisure, not as a habit , much less daily. Because, however genuine it may be, the food served in these places cannot be offered to our bodies every day, which requires a diet that is as balanced as possible.

And to ensure adequate and healthy meals, the ideal is to prepare them in advance and take them with you to work . The dishes to take to the office to be consumed during the lunch break can be the most varied: a plate of pasta, cold or hot, a meat or fish dish, a salad enriched with cheeses and omelettes ... But also a sandwich or a sandwich, if you prefer to hurry: preparing it at home and then consuming it in the office is certainly easier than having to go out to buy it in a fast food or delicatessen.

And you can also finish the meal with fruit or dessert, or add a snack for mid-afternoon, if working hours extend into the evening.

2. Lunch at work: sitting in the office or fast food?

A lunch based on dishes prepared personally , first of all represents a certainty regarding the ingredients and caloric intake; moreover, it responds to personal tastes and is also practical to consume, because it does not require you to leave the workplace to go to a restaurant or fast food restaurant.

A trend , that of eating meals at the desk, which is becoming increasingly popular in our country, justified not only by logistical and economic reasons, but also by the growing awareness of the consumption of food from known.

Getting organized is not as complicated as it might seem: you just need the right tools to safely transport ready-made foods , preferably in containers that allow you to have everything at hand which is used to have lunch comfortably seated at the desk.

The rules of a meal at work that meets the requirements of taste and balance are few and easy to follow: in addition to our imagination and personal taste, we just need to rely on a lunch box , a complete set for transporting food everything, even the portable electric food warmer, which will allow us to have our favorite dishes ready to be enjoyed, at the right temperature, in a few minutes.

3. The advantages of using a lunch kit

The feature that makes the thermal lunch box the best ally for those who often eat meals away from home is its versatility. A convenient bag with separate compartments and double-walled, contains one or more food trays and a device with a warming function, with minimal consumption (only 40 Watts of power), only to be connected to an electrical outlet through the power cable.

Reliable and easy to handle, the lunchbox sets are complete with everything that can be useful for a meal to be consumed at work, in the office or on the construction site, at the desk or outdoors and even during a trip by car, because the food warmers are also available in dual voltage (220/12 Volt) , so that they can be put into operation by connecting them to the cigarette lighter of a vehicle .

The tray designed to contain the dishes is made of stainless steel and can have a single sector or separate compartments, to transport several different foods without fear of them mixing together; but there is also room for bread or bread sticks and even for ready-made condiments, because in the different sections there is also space for jars with lids.

And the stainless steel trays are removable , both for greater ease of use and to facilitate cleaning after use.

The complete kit also includes cutlery and the thermal bottle that can hold your favorite drink, cold or hot. All well organized in the maximum functionality of optimized and hygienically safe spaces.

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