Thermal containers for food: characteristics and usefulness

To better organize the management of meals both at home and away , and above all save time are the advantages offered by the use of thermal food containers that allow you to prepare dishes that are then consumed later while maintaining both the flavor and the aroma.

Characteristics of thermal food containers

These very useful kitchen accessories are usually equipped with a double wall able to keep the temperature of the food unchanged even for a long time, which corresponds to about 8 hours for hot food and 12 hours for the cold ones.

The double-walled system has been designed to thermally insulate the gastronomic material contained in the containers from external conditions; in this way it is possible to have a freshly cooked lunch when you are away from home (for business reasons or for tourism).

This particular structure has also been designed to prevent the fingers of the hand from coming into contact with condensation, which in fact remains trapped between the two walls. The thermal insulation of the containers depends on the empty space that is interposed between the external and internal wall and that does not conduct neither heat nor cold.

These are essentially two trays of different sizes, separated by a real air chamber, whose fundamental role is precisely to prevent heat exchanges with the external environment. < / p>

Normally the inner container is made of stainless steel , a material of choice for food as it guarantees excellent hygiene and safety performance . The external one, on the other hand, is in plastic.

How a good food container is made

Technological innovations have made it possible to further improve the requirements of these accessories, adding special insulating materials , such as expanded polyurethane foam (polystyrene), in the empty space. Thanks to the polystyrene there is no heat dispersion and the food remains hot (or cold) exactly as when it was placed in the container. It is important to verify that the materials used have the CE food certification , a certificate that guarantees a design and construction control of the best food container considering all the materials that will come into direct contact with food. < / p>

Usefulness of thermal food containers

It is clear that being able to optimize food preparation especially when you have little time is a priceless advantage since in this way it is very practical to cook food in the morning before going out and leave it perfectly ready for lunch.

The thermal performance of these tools guarantees heat retention (or cold) for a period of time between 5 and 10 hours.

Another notable advantage of the containers is their lightness which depends on the constituent materials; in fact, both stainless steel, plastic and polystyrene weigh very little. This means that if you have to transport food, the operation is particularly easy.

safety is an important feature of thermal containers, made using materials that do not change even in contact with high temperatures. Therefore it is guaranteed that at the time of opening the dishes have not been modified by contact with substrates conforming to the best quality standards.

Depending on the individual needs, it is possible to choose from a wide range of containers that have different sizes ; it starts with small trays of 0.50 / 0.80 liters, up to 1.5 liters or even over 2 liters.

It is always better to fill the container almost completely to prevent the gastronomic materials contained in it from moving.

The advantages deriving from the use of thermal food containers

An undeniable advantage of these accessories is also that of the excellent quality / price ratio ; in fact, it is necessary to take into account the fact that they can be used for a long time because of the high quality of the materials with which they are produced.

At the time of purchase it is important not to focus only on savings , but to carefully evaluate the guaranteed performances , the type of materials, the shape and dimensions of the food tray .

How to choose the best insulated food container

There are many models of thermal containers on the market which, depending on their use, can be round, square, rectangular or cylindrical.

The most popular models are the square and rectangular ones which can be stored very easily without taking up too much space and which are also able to perfectly distribute the amount of food .

Even the traditional thermos for food is particularly appreciated for the availability of a practical glass-bowl that can be used as a plate for lunch.

Ideal for travelers , the multifunction thermal containers allow you to take advantage of numerous options thanks to the number of accessories present (bowls, lids, glasses), all included in a single accessory.

Some products can be used not only to maintain the temperature (hot or cold), but also as a container for the dishes to consume the foods they contain; in this way you can eat directly in the container without the need to plate the food.

Finally, we must not overlook the considerable importance of the thermal bottles , designed to carry hot or cold beverages that maintain their temperature characteristics unaltered, and which are ideal especially when traveling or at work.

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