The diet of the worker

The importance of nutrition

That eating well is essential for the balance of the organism is an indisputable and recognized fact: a correct diet is the basis for a healthy life and allows you to face daily tasks with energy and greater positivity.

Especially when you are away from home all day for work , you are well aware of the importance of the lunch break , in which the foods to be consumed should be satisfying but light , to allow you to resume activity without feeling weighed down.

Lack of time can lead to a very harmful habit, that of skipping meals; alternatively, we resort to the compromise of eating a sandwich or a sandwich on the fly in a fast food restaurant, both certainly appetizing and practical, but too rich in fat to be consumed frequently and absolutely contraindicated for those who follow a diet , whatever the health or fitness goals you are aiming for.

The importance of diet, for all jobs and activities

In general, when you are at work, the ideal lunch should consist of nutritious but digestible dishes , with a balanced content of fats and sugars, flavored with vegetable dressings and natural flavors.

It is also true that, especially if you carry out an activity that involves a considerable expenditure of physical energy, you need a substantial meal: a salad, although a friend of well-being, is not entirely satisfying and, moreover, , is unable to give us back the energy spent.

So, what to do to reconcile all the needs related to a lunch away from home?

The ideal solution remains to cook your meal in advance and take it with you to work: to do this, simply organize the preparations and get the right tools for storage and transport. < / p>

For example, a portion left over for dinner can be stored in a lunch box to take it with you the next day: just a step in the electric food warmer, which in a few minutes returns a meal ready to eat, at the right temperature.

Diet models also outside the home

Regardless of the work that takes place, the basic rule, the same for everyone, is to start the day with a good breakfast : never go fasting in the morning, or just drink a coffee at the flight, because this would not allow us to have an initial supply of sugars, which is essential to face the day.

- For those who work while driving, meals must be easily digestible , because attention must always be kept high. Therefore, avoid foods that weigh down, but also ice cream and frozen drinks, which can cause dangerous congestion, as well as carbonated drinks, which slow down the digestive process. Green light, instead, for single pasta dishes with meat or fish, protein main courses with stewed vegetables and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, a little salt and many aromas.

- Those who carry out an office job , therefore mainly sedentary and conceptual, do not need to replenish too much physical energy: dishes based on lean proteins, such as white meat main courses or fish, with seasonal vegetables, but also pasta with tomato sauce. A small fruit-based dessert is allowed in the afternoon, for a sugar-based break that quickly rekindles the attention.

- Night workers are a category in which staggered working hours can affect the stimulation of hunger. For them, regularity is very important: the main meal should never be anticipated, postponed, or (much less) skipped. If anything, depending on the time it is consumed, it will be more or less caloric. Never eat during the work shift, but always about an hour before starting or after finishing it, preferring carbohydrates to proteins.

- Finally, those who do heavy work clearly need to consume more calories to replenish the forces expended during strenuous activity. But they too must not exceed in the consumption of fats and sugars, as they could be harmful to the body in the long run. Well, then, a single dish of pasta with meat or fish, a hot soup, rich in legumes and mixed vegetables or a second course of meat with a side of mixed salad. Pay attention to the quantities: it is okay to add something more to the dish, the only thing is that it is a half portion, certainly not an "bis"!

Bring your diet to work with food warmers

Having lunch with a hot and dietary dish is often an impractical solution due to lack of time, but it is enough to plan meals according to individual needs with the help of functional and practical tools, designed to adapt to this purpose.

Like the electric food warmers, special and versatile airtight containers which, in addition, offer the opportunity to bring the dishes back to the right temperature in a few minutes.

Ideal for dining away from home, they are also found in handy kits , complete with all useful accessories, including cutlery.

The numerous models are available in versions with a tray with several compartments or with several trays, to contain and safely transport even different dishes. Then just connect the food warmer to a normal electrical outlet to bring the lunch back to the optimal temperature and enjoy it comfortably, wherever you are for work reasons.

They are also very practical to clean, because the internal trays are removable, easily washable and stored, immediately ready for the next use.

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