Steel water bottles for school: why are they useful?

The thermal bottle, what is it for

The thermal bottle is a tool that has been used for some time, but if before it was preferred by those who went on trips or moved frequently, today it is used by practically everyone for specific reasons such as: the possibility of carrying fresh water around the city and always have it available, maximum hygiene thanks to the repellence of bacteria and viruses , ability to maintain the temperature, practicality and ergonomics.

This tool is therefore essentially used to carry drinks comfortably and maintain the temperature with perfect thermal insulation. Thermal flasks keep you warm and cold and are made from stainless materials and BPA free. Those for children are designed specifically for the use of children and therefore have the appropriate size and treatments to cope with any eventuality.

The main advantages

The thermal flasks are real small bottles that are however insulating. They are made of aluminum and can be filled with water but also other drinks. These allow in the first place to not to use too much plastic and therefore to have respect for the environment, secondly they are ideal from the point of view of hygiene because the materials used in addition to having a perfect seal waterproof, they are unbreakable, dishwasher safe and perfectly insulating against any type of bacteria. These products are made with food-grade materials and are BPA-free therefore suitable for everyday consumption without problems.

The stainless steel bottles are particularly suitable for children and for the use of pupils at school, especially in a complex period like the present one. In this way, everyone can have their own personal bottle which must not be recycled but filled independently at a fountain. The steel thermal flasks are capacious , therefore in 500 or 750 ml they really allow a large capacity, without having the weight of a classic bottle which for the little ones can be particularly burdensome.

The thermal flasks for children are particularly durable, free of harmful substances such as phthalates, toxins or other, they are perfectly healthy and the water is kept in a healthy way. They have a double insulation technology that keeps liquids isolated from any possible inconvenience in both winter and summer. They are non-slip and practical to maintain, even the smallest children have no difficulty, they can also be worn during sports or walks.

The thermal bottle for school, because it is so important in this period

During this period it is highly recommended to use thermal bottles rather than commonly used ones . In fact, these bottles are the most suitable for hygiene, they are easy to wash and above all made with specific materials designed for reuse, which is not commonly done with normal plastic bottles. This is not only a noble commitment to reduce the use of polluting products but also the impact that these can have on the health of children in the long term. Bottles are commonly rich in bacteria and microorganisms that can settle and thus produce fungi. This translates into the possibility of easily transmitting diseases, especially if drinks with sugar are also used inside, in addition to water, which are ideal for the proliferation of bacteria.

For this reason, the ideal is always to choose a bottle that must still be cleaned carefully to prevent the classic dark encrustations from forming (which are not harmful to health in any case. ). It is always important to choose a quality bottle like those proposed by Spice Electronics. These are stainless steel thermal bottles that work just like small thermos and can be used in any activity. Very practical to carry, light and with excellent resistance to preserve the contents. Thanks to their capacity and size they are ideal for children of all ages and are perfect because they are not bulky.

In addition to the design of these bottles, much research, in bright colors and all very nice for children, particular attention must be paid to the first quality materials that have been selected for their production. Not all thermal bottles are the same and especially for children you need to choose a product that is suitable for use and their needs and above all safe for health.

With the spread of coronavirus , greater attention has been paid to how much care must be taken not to use other people's products, drink from other people's bottles and above all avoid contact. With their own bottle, children will already have water at home, thanks to the capacity they can rest assured for the duration of the day and the meal at school , they can then wash and sterilize it at home without having to enter contact with materials or other present at school and without having to give up the convenience of having your own bottle . Alternatively, in fact, it is also possible to keep fresh a fruit juice or other drink that the child prefers, so that even on the occasion of the snack he will have everything he needs, perfectly safe since prepared exclusively at home by his own family.

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