SPICE Amarillo Bio Lunch Bento Box

Amarillo bio : finally in the office or wherever you want the ecological and natural ben to box lunch box. Eco-friendly, allies for the break in the office or lunch away from home, the spice well-to-warm lunch boxes are made with resistant and natural materials to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

In rice gluma, the organic amarillo spice bento box is made using rice gluma: the rigid coating that protects the rice grains. Made of natural fiber they are produced with discarded rice shells which are normally disposed of and burned after the harvest season. The material is then recycled to produce the amarillo bio food warmers helping to reduce millions of tons of emissions. It is therefore a natural and biodegradable product.

Tested, certified, safe and healthy product with the highest quality materials, without bisegoli and phthalates 100% bpa free, and approved by the fda. The materials are able to guarantee maximum compatibility; food, necessary for those who use the spice food warmer every day. Complete with all accessories and perfect to be transported amarillo bio and; consisting of a compartment with lid and vent valve. Furthermore and; equipped with a comfortable elastic clip to allow and secure closure during transport. Ideal for microwave washable dishwasher ideal for freezer and fridge.

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