Seasonal vegetables: how to best preserve them

Limiting waste in the kitchen: watch out for shopping

Nowadays, families are very careful not to produce waste , especially in the food sector. Avoiding waste is not only an economic imperative, to save on overheads: it is also and above all a moral imperative, since those who have a lot should never waste what others lack. This is why it is important to always shop very carefully , taking care to buy seasonal vegetables, which are more nutritious, have a lower environmental cost and last even longer.

The ideal would be to create a small vegetable garden at home : you don't need a lot of space, to be honest you don't even need a vegetable garden! There are in fact vegetables that can grow very well in pots, on a corner of the balcony or veranda, thus ensuring a continuous supply of seasonal vegetables rich in beneficial virtues. The drawback of growing zucchini, aubergines or tomatoes at home is that, when you have luck and a good green thumb, the production could exceed the consumption. How to store vegetables grown with so much effort? It would be a real shame to make them go bad. In addition to giving surplus to friends and relatives, as well as making preserves and jars in oil, there is also another alternative made possible by a new appliance called dryer .

Food storage

To tell the truth, the dryer is not exactly an absolute novelty, but only in recent times has it grown to the popularity of the home dryer . The practice of food preservation through dehydration, in itself, is very ancient. Our ancestors, who certainly did not have refrigerators or freezers, cut the vegetables into thin slices and left them exposed to the sun and wind so that they would lose all the water they contained. However, the procedure did not deprive vegetables and greens of their nutrients, which are so important for the well-being of our body. Once dehydrated, the vegetables can be stored for months and the most interesting aspect is that they remain very tasty, just like when they were fresh. Of course, for us moderns who live in crowded cities it is quite difficult to find a place where we can leave our vegetables to dry in the sun and in the wind. So that's when someone invented the dryer.

Professional drying of food

The domestic dryer , like the one manufactured by Teseko in two different sizes, it is a discreet product, also nice to keep on the kitchen counter, but above all very useful. Inside there are grated compartments, because the hot air must be able to pass freely. On these shelves you can put the vegetables in excess of the production of our garden and then the dryer will do the rest. After a few hours (the time varies according to the water content of the vegetable itself) you will have chips that you can store, eat immediately or later, or to use for many different purposes. For example, vegetable chips can become a healthy snack alternative to the bag chips that children often eat between main meals.

Not only that: dried vegetables are also used to make soups or healthy herbal teas. To make them even tastier, before putting them in the dryer they can be seasoned with a little oil and vinegar. The thinner they are cut, the quicker the dehydration process will end. But after all, there is no rush, as the home dryer does everything by itself (you just have to turn the slices once in a while) and it is also extremely quiet. He works at night and you can enjoy the delicacies of your garden at any time of the year. Of course you can also use this appliance for your aromatic herbs, to create flavorings for your dishes . The advantage is twofold: the vegetables remain nutritious as freshly picked, and you can keep them for as long as you want without fear of them rotting.

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