Picnic outside the city: how to best organize yourself

Sedentary life and distractions

The sedentary life is the great problem of modernity: hours and hours of work behind a desk and then a sofa, chairs and little activity. All this is harmful to the body which needs to move and be active and also makes people anxious and lazy, deprived of stimuli and subject to certain diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disorders. Moving, walking and being outdoors is very good for the body. You don't necessarily have to play sports but also enjoy a walk and a little sun is ideal for the immune and psychic systems. Being in the air stimulates neurogenesis, the formation of new stem cells found in the brain system, thus giving new life to the brain, resisting stress better and driving away worries.

Organize a picnic out of town to unplug

Therefore, there is nothing better than organizing a nice weekend out of town or organizing a picnic in a park near your home to enjoy the sun, fresh air and walking outdoors. Those who have the time and desire could organize something outside the city, even close but it is important from time to time to change your routine, discovering new places. Maybe you can choose a mountain area where there are large expanses of grass or in the open countryside to enjoy the warmth of the sun. The important thing is to unplug, do something different and have fun with friends. For a picnic you need few things and it is possible to do it even once a month, both for a romantic weekend with your partner and with your old friends.

How to best organize yourself (what to bring, what not, essential / necessary things and advice)

For a picnic, the essential thing is to organize yourself in the best possible way, so whether it is in the countryside, by the sea, or in your garden, you need to follow a few small guidelines. For the recipes it is good to choose food that is comfortable enough to eat on a lawn, such as finger food or in any case products that do not attract animals too much. Desserts are also included, you have to consider a concrete meal, the only thing is to make everything more practical and quick. It is essential to choose a nice tablecloth, comfortable, wide and better if made of plastic able to isolate humidity and also more practical to wash after the picnic. Those who do not want to give up the beauty of the fabric can still put a waxed sheet under it to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. To organize everything you can use a picnic basket, those who don't have one can retrieve a crate or a solid cardboard box. You can bring home cutlery or, to make everything greener and simpler, disposable ones made of recyclable material.

It is important to remember to always bring litter bags, glasses and napkins, always consider in abundance. Better to avoid hot meals as they would become cold and impossible to eat during the picnic.

What do we eat? a menu to savor on the lawn

Picnic food doesn't have to be sad, you just need to get organized so cold dishes, finger food, toast and sandwiches, sandwiches and quiches will make everything perfect. Better to avoid sauces and condiments or anything that is runny or too greasy. For liquids such as coffee, tea or herbal tea it is useful to have a thermos. The best thing is to consider a varied menu suitable for everyone and then prepare a first course, many main courses, several snacks and even some desserts in order to satisfy everyone's tastes. For convenience it is also possible to organize single portions so as to have everything ready at lunch time. The menu must be witty, for example a pasta salad with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes or with a sea dressing such as green olives, shrimps and soy sauce. Alternatively, bring some small sandwiches with cold cuts and cheese. For aperitifs, space for imagination and above all a pinch of creativity.

Use the Kt Spice lunch boxes to transport and heat your dishes outside the home

The ideal way to create a memorable picnic is to have the right container and above all to have the freedom to bring any type of dish. With the Spice lunch kits it is possible to buy a product that can heat everything at the moment and this means having a wide choice and being able to cook everything from meat, to fish to pasta. No sacrifice, maximum organization thanks to the various compartments and practicality with the USB lunch box that can also be attached to a portable charger for operation. There is no need for plugs and the complete products also include transport bags, cutlery and thermos so that you have everything you need for an unforgettable picnic.

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