Office lunch without microwave: recipes

Office lunch: what to eat

When dining outside the home, especially during work, it is not always possible to use a quick sandwich or go to a restaurant: in addition to being uneconomical, it would still be an unhealthy solution, not recommended especially if you follow a diet, because it does not allow you to select the ingredients. of which a plate is composed.

Better to prepare meals yourself and take them with you to the office: therefore, green light for soups, practical single-portion scones or small portions of meat or fish, ready-made, just to be heated and consumed.

Prepare a hot meal for the office: with or without the aid of the microwave

To make lunch at the office a truly enjoyable moment, it is advisable to choose tasty but light and digestible foods, so as not to get heavy and to be able to actively resume work.

Getting organized is simple: for example, you can count on dinner the night before and prepare a few more portions to take with you the next day, to be able to enjoy it after a quick step in the microwave.

If an oven is not available in the office, you can use the practical food warmers contained in the lunch boxes, perfect not only for containing food safely, but also for bringing it back to the desired temperature, in a few minutes and in a completely autonomous way.

Here are some perfect solutions for the lunch break, to be prepared in advance, so only to be warmed up and savored.

Three recipes for office lunch: with microwave

1. Quiche with ham and potatoes

A shortcrust pastry shell in which the slices of boiled potatoes, cubes of ham and light cheese are placed, all flavored with your favorite aromas and "tied" with two beaten eggs: the right amount of protein to be enjoyed after 2 / 3 minutes in the microwave. Also available in a vegan version, replacing tofu with ham and eliminating eggs.

2. Tartlets of zucchini, olives and parmesan

To best enjoy these savory shortcrust tartlets, just spend 1 minute in the microwave: they are stuffed with a delicate filling of sautéed zucchini, mixed with chopped white olives and grated cheese. You can choose to replace the parmesan with a tablespoon of vegetable cream and the zucchini with peppers, aubergines or green leafy vegetables, just blanched.

3. Quinoa and mixed vegetable burger

Quinoa is a vegetable that is truly suitable for everyone because it does not contain gluten; in addition, this burger, an alternative to the meat one, has "interchangeable" ingredients: the boiled quinoa base can be combined with carrots, courgettes, peppers, aubergines and stewed tomatoes, obtaining a light and tasty dish both at room temperature and heated in the microwave.

Three office lunch recipes: no microwave

1. Couscous with vegetables, shallots and chicken

Light but complete, this dish in which couscous is enriched with mixed seasonal vegetables and fried chicken cubes. Ideal to be enjoyed after having "revived" it for a few minutes in the food warmer: it certainly won't make you regret the classic first course of pasta.

2. Potato and cured meat pies

Also perfect for a snack, they are prepared by boiling and mashing yellow-fleshed potatoes and adding them into cubes of your favorite salami; then, they are fried in sunflower oil or, in the light version, browned in the oven. Just keep them for a few minutes in the food warmer to release a delicious scent, as a preview of a strong and appetizing taste.

3. Omelette and cheese roll

When time is really short, just beat two eggs, let them thicken in a pan or in the oven, stuff this base with your favorite cheese and form a roll to cut into slices and carry inside the lunch kit. In the office, it will be sufficient to let the cheese melt, for a few minutes, in the food warmer and enjoy.

Tips for shopping

A light and "personalized" meal ready, just to be heated? Easy to obtain with the use of the convenient lunch kit with food warmer, capable of containing food in total safety and offering everything you need to enjoy a hot dish even outside the home.

Indispensable when a microwave oven is not available, or when traveling: being equipped with double voltage (220/12 V), in fact, the food warmers can be connected not only to a normal power outlet, but also to the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and, thanks to the timer, conveniently programmed.

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