Not all pizzas are the same: which flour to choose

flour is a basic ingredient in Italian cuisine, deriving from the grinding of dry seeds. The most famous is that of wheat but in reality there are many variations such as that of spelled, oats, barley, corn, almonds. When the flour is indicated in a generic way, it refers to that of soft wheat used for bread, desserts and generally in the kitchen. For the pasta, on the other hand, durum wheat flour is used.

A simple ingredient, essential not only for pizza , but considered the flagship product of Italian cuisine. Just think that with a few ingredients such as flour, yeast and water it is possible to make a dough. Flour has been used for years for preparations and, in recent years, many innovations and uses have been added with a dip in the past, such as the return of wholemeal flour.

Types of flour

The two major classifications are soft wheat flour and durum wheat flour .

Soft wheat lends itself very well to bread making, in fact it gives the pizza a lot of stability, while making everything quite delicate. It does not have a particular taste but it is an important base on which to then insert the various ingredients. However, this is the cereal with the greatest amount of gluten. Durum wheat flour is known as semolina because it is particularly grainy, coarse, has an excellent seal but is less "extendable" than soft wheat and therefore mainly used for pasta rather than pizza.

The types of flour that can be found on the market are essentially these:

00 flour - that is the most refined and used in modern times, the bran and wheat germ are eliminated from this to make it white and easier to work with. However, this implies a high concentration of simple carbohydrates and therefore a considerable glycemic level.

Flour 0 - it is less refined than the previous one and contains only part of the nutrients. This is used for desserts, fresh pasta and baked goods .

Flour 1 - this flour is obtained by grinding the whole grain without removing the external part. This is why it is less fine than the previous types but is rich in nutrients and ideal for making pizza.

Flour 2 - is considered as semi-wholemeal flour, with thick grains and additional fibers. It has excellent nutritional value and is easier to work with than real whole wheat flour. So it can be used more easily in home preparations.

Wholemeal Flour - this is the best type from a nutritional point of view, especially when it is stone ground. It does not alter the nutritional principles and above all it is able to give a unique flavor to the final preparation.

A thousand uses of flour: pizza dough

The flours to be used for pizza dough are many and you can work with your imagination. However, not all of them are expressly indicated for the preparation of pizza, in fact type 00 is ideal for desserts , type 0 flour is good for bread, pizza and focaccia and for all leavened products, type 1 and type 2 flour are ideal for pizza , wholemeal is ideal for giving the pizza a unique, very rustic taste.

There are ready-made mixes with different flours on the market, but the ideal is to create your own according to your needs and palate . A widely used mix is ​​a dough that includes half type 00 flour and half wholemeal flour. They balance very well and the pizza is a real success both in terms of nutrition and taste.

For pizza, however, it is also possible to mix other lesser known types such as spelled, oat, almond and wheat flour. Each has different characteristics and therefore allows you to achieve a different result. If you want a soft and fluffy dough you must use 0 or 00 flour, for a full-bodied but also very tasty dough wholemeal flour. Wheat or semolina flour are to be used to create pizzas that are not too swollen, wheat and almond flour are useful to give the pizza a sweet touch.

Homemade pizza and cooking with a "pizza oven"

Homemade pizza is simple to prepare and delicious, just pay attention to the right dough and cooking . Once you have chosen the ideal flour for your palate, you need to focus on the oven. The ideal is to cook pizza with the Pizza Spice Caliente oven which allows in just 5 minutes to obtain a cooking equal to that of the wood oven used by the restaurant.

An extraordinary result not only in terms of cooking but also of crunchiness , leavening and flavor. The cooking method is fundamental to make homemade pizza a noteworthy dish.

A professional product of this type guarantees an excellent result, in a short time, without compromising the leavening or the ingredients present on the dough.

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