How to get the best pizza: the ideal cooking

One of the most popular dishes of all is certainly pizza , each slice has a unique and special flavor that knows how to conquer everyone, it is the food that unites , which he immediately celebrates and creates company, his goodness puts everyone in agreement and cheers the soul and palate. Each taste has its own different flavor, but each has something unique: just choose the one you prefer. Furthermore, pizza is also one of the most famous and well-known food products in the world: there are in fact numerous foreign visitors who as tourists choose a pizzeria as an obligatory stop on their journey.

Each pizza, however, is not only different according to the type of topping , but also with respect to numerous other factors, such as the dough, the leavening , the < strong> cooking , the temperature ; in short, everything can change and be completely different depending on how the entire realization is carried out: to obtain a good homemade pizza all the various procedures are therefore important.

Ingredients and cooking

There are few ingredients needed to make a good pizza; the best one, however, is obtained with an ideal cooking: tomato, mozzarella, basil and little else are enough for a perfect margherita pizza , but for the dough to cook well it is first of all important to lay it out, here it will be necessary be careful not to roll it out the wrong way or to reduce the rising time too much.

It is advisable that, during preparation, the dough englobes as much air as possible through the folds; a well alveolate pizza will not only be soft and fluffy, but also aesthetically beautiful and well done. When the pizza dough is ready and well floured, you can make small loaves, each of the same weight, which will then be left to rise for the appropriate time: usually a good leavening requires at least 24 hours to pass and the pizza rests away from any source of excessive heat. To achieve an ideal cooking it is therefore important to start from a good start; an excellent starting point for cooking pizza well is to know your oven or the one you decide to use: all the potential and characteristics of its operation will be fundamental. If the oven of the kitchen is static and you decide to use a pan as a hob, then it is advisable to cook the pizza on the bottom for at least the first five or six minutes, it will then be necessary to pass the pan on the grill at about half an oven height: in this way the temperature will be balanced and right. If, on the other hand, it is baked in a ventilated oven, therefore more powerful, the pan with the pizza will be placed directly in the central oven grill, so the heat will be the same for the entire duration of the time and the cooking minutes will be even less.

Precautions and suggestions

Another method to ensure that the pizza cooks more evenly , both in the upper part and in the lower part, is to use a slab of refractory stone to be placed on the bottom of the oven : in this way the temperature will always be constant, even every time the oven is opened. Furthermore, the refractory stone slab will allow cooking in faster and more precise times, giving the possibility of baking a crunchy and fragrant pizza just like the one you enjoy in a pizzeria.

The best temperature to obtain a tasty pizza is very high, yet not everyone has an oven at home that, like the professional wood-burning one, can reach temperatures ranging from 380 to 450 degrees about. The classic kitchen ovens can, in fact, only reach a lower temperature, usually a maximum of 250 degrees. All this also affects cooking times : in a professional oven the pizza will be ready in a few minutes; instead in an oven, such as the gas one, it will take about 15-25 minutes. The cooking times of a homemade pizza are different, but this does not mean that you have to give up the goodness of a good pizza, it is only necessary to proceed in the right way and, as mentioned, to start with a good dough and a prolonged time leavening.

Scent and color

The pizza will be ready when it takes on its characteristic golden appearance and when the edges are well swollen and soft . A valid alternative to obtain a good final result is to use an electric pizza oven: fast, practical and compact. Aromas and flavors will be just like those of a freshly baked pizza from a wood oven; cooking will be quick thanks to its high power which is capable of bringing the temperature to high levels even in a short time: 5 minutes will be enough to savor a good slice of pizza.

The cooking will be uniform giving the dough a perfect browning and a crunchy flavor. The stainless steel cap allows you to safely reach high temperatures, but it is the refractory stone, contained inside the electric oven, that guarantees ideal cooking thanks to its ability to absorb the humidity of the pizza and thus not to make it. stick to the bottom. Once ready, the pizza can be removed from the still hot stone using small and practical steel stirrers, and then safely placed on the plate to be enjoyed.

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