Greedy diet even at work

Having lunch outside the home has now become an established habit, especially for work reasons. The lunch is one of the 5 fundamental meals of the day and we must pay close attention to which foods we choose for this break, in order to maintain the right energy, enjoy a satisfying and at the same time healthy break. It's possible? Absolutely yes. All it takes is a bit of imagination, and the right tools.

The importance of diet, for all jobs and activities

Eating healthy and leading a balanced diet, as we know, is very important for maintaining an excellent state of health; but it is one thing to know and one thing is to put it into practice, especially if you are out all day at work, and you are always in a hurry. The instinct is to take a quick and tasty lunch break, but the risk is to eat too quickly and above all foods that are good, but prepackaged, rich in calories and fat.

Eating healthy is not just a way to stay in shape , because what we assimilate also greatly affects the ability to concentrate and the energy that must then be used to get to the end of the day. A sandwich with lots of sauces, crispy chicken or succulent meat and a little salad, in short, gratifies the palate but weighs down the body, and you actually risk falling asleep on your desk!

Can the diet be greedy?

Then the question arises: to stay fit, full of energy and at the same time satisfied with the meal is it possible? Fortunately yes! There are many foods to choose from that guarantee taste and health, healthy alternatives to bread and pasta such as cereals, and above all do not forget the spices and dried fruit, which can flavor and give sprint to any food, raw or cooked. .

Examples of menus for greedy diets, workers and non-workers

Let's start immediately with a myth to dispel, the one relating to sweets : a healthy and balanced diet also contains chocolate, biscuits and honey, delicious foods that you must not give up, indeed; you can reserve a nice slice of tart for breakfast, so as to dispose of the sugars throughout the day and at the same time no longer feel the desire for sweets until the next day. In the evening you can stay light, perhaps opting for a cereal soup: there are many varieties and together with legumes they will provide you with all the substances necessary for the body, without making you accumulate fat. So, for lunch, you can organize yourself and prepare delicious salmon fillets, grilled chicken or fried eggs, accompanying them with wholemeal bread, fresh cheeses and crispy, spiced vegetables and seasoned with good extra virgin olive oil; you will enjoy a delicious, satisfying and above all light meal.

You will be able to indulge in snacks based on fresh / dried fruit, yogurt and protein bars (the latter only occasionally though) that will satisfy the desire for delicious foods and will bring all the precious substances you need. You can alternate lunches and dinners by preparing delicious and creamy risotto with artichokes, asparagus or courgettes and discover the multitude of lean-meat fish that you can steam and season with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, chilli, paprika and coriander. Sole, hake, salmon, plaice and mackerel are just some of these fish, which offer you great taste, important nutrients and above all very few calories!

Bring your diet to work with food warmers

You are wondering for sure how it is possible to cook all these delights at work : offices but also construction sites, shops, companies, certainly do not have an equipped kitchen, and obviously making a plate of spaghetti half an hour before a meeting is not such a brilliant idea. Fortunately you can organize yourself with complete peace of mind at home, preparing delicious lunches to take to work the next day, made with the ingredients of your choice, healthy, fresh and that reflect your tastes. You should know that there are very comfortable food warmer , compact but capacious and also beautiful to look at, where to arrange your meal and enjoy it the next day.

These ingenious products are made from high quality materials such as stainless steel and the food containers are easily washable. The food warmers are equipped with trays and compartments where you can put the tasty dishes prepared comfortably at home, dividers and even cutlery; thanks to the electric socket and the power of 40W, in a few minutes it is possible to heat the food inside, and enjoy a delicious and delicious hot meal. While your colleagues are deciding what to order or where to go for lunch, you are probably already relaxing and enjoying a healthy meal prepared by you, hot and fragrant, and it is very likely that in a short time everyone will imitate your idea, simple and ingenious. to bring your own diet!

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